Houseplants That Encourage Positivity

I love including houseplants with my home decor. I have two or three in almost every room of my house because plants have more benefits than what meets the eye. When you are choosing plants for your home, don't just choose the most appealing, research the positive benefits the plants can bring to your life just by being a part of your home.



These plants don't need much care. They maintain themselves and are said to bring “luck” to the household. Cutting off a bamboo shoot and placing it in water allows the plant (and luck) to be shared with others!

Source: Ourhouseplants.com

Aloe Vera

This plant is more than just an ingredient in your cosmetics. Sure, it does wonders for your skin, but it also does wonders for your home! This plant purifies the air in your home and can also be used as a first-aid remedy. The gel in the leaves will soothe burns, so the best location to keep this plant is in the kitchen!

Source: Plantozoid.com


An easy to care for plant that also has a strong fragrance can help you relax and destress. Sure, the green plants typically are recognized as houseplants, but orchids offer beauty with their delicate pink petals. The fact this plant is aesthetically pleasing and carries a fragrant aroma are two wins in my book!

Source: bellefioriflorist.com

Spider Plant

This plant was the first houseplant I was able to keep alive in my home. It grows and grows without being too needy. I have even been able to cut off some shoots so my friends can enjoy the plant too! You can think of it as a “friendship plant” because you can share it with others. This plant will also give your home better air quality.

Source: Flowerscanadagrowers.com


These tiny plants all offer much of the same benefits as the plants above, but they are a very popular choice this year in home decor! They're low maintenance, uniquely shaped, and versatile. They can be placed right side up or sideways and still thrive! Resiliency is a must, in my opinion.

Source: Sweetfineday.com

Before you buy your next houseplant, find the one that will bring you the most positivity and not become just another household chore.

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2 Responses

  1. Interesting. Growing up we always had an aloe plant in our house. We used it whenever we got a burn while cooking. One aloe plant grew into a monster. Never had much luck with orchids, though. Didn’t find them easy to care for…but maybe due to my lack of green thumb.

    1. I am thinking about getting an aloe plant. I guess I never thought about how you can use the plants directly and not just products!

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