The Amazing Truth About Sports And Our Bodies

Sports are something most of us join in high school, but not typically an activity we do in our adult life. I don't know if we convince ourselves we have outgrown sports or if we just get busy, but the inspirational website, Bright Side, created a video to help encourage us to continue participating in sports.


During sports exercises, we are giving our metabolism a boost and improving blood circulation so our body can receive the oxygen it needs to remove any waste that does our body harm. But the benefits of sports exercise doesn't stop there! The video below tells us how right after playing a sport we can absorb protein and carbs four times faster and continually release endorphins to improve our mood.

The longer we play a sport, the more benefits we will see! Just like we can't walk into a gym to workout one time and think we are going to hit our goal weight, we cannot compete in a sporting event once and see all the advantages. To reap the full benefits, we must keep coming back and competing–not just against our opponents but to become the best versions of ourselves.

Regular sports activity will eventually begin to improve certain health issues like insomnia or anxiety. Our body will gain endurance and resilience to go further, faster, and harder! But the benefits go beyond the body and also impacts the brain function. Just like our muscles can strengthen from exercise, so can our brains.

Watch the video below for more information about how sports can change our bodies.


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