Enough is enough with negativity right?

Sometimes you just can't take it anymore. It's coming at you from the news media, from negative people you encounter, and let's be honest… sometimes from within your own mind too!

Here are simple tips for reducing the negativity that is coming at you day to day, and for increasing the positivity in your life, so you can benefit from elevated an mindset and energy.

Get proactive with creating happiness! Own it!

With love, Bernadette

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2 thoughts on “How to Avoid Negativity & Live an Uplifted Life

  1. Robert Scozzari says:

    Thanks Bernadette. I myself have completely stopped reading/watching the news. The only news I get is what I catch in the headlines or occasionally someone feels I “should know” what is going on. Cutting out the news makes a HUGE difference in my life. If there is ever something I need to know, I always find out. However, since moving to a small town, I find the small town newspaper has mostly positive news in it as it’s about the community and not the world happenings. But I still skip over the squabbling editorials or negative commentaries.

    People seem to think that it’s irresponsible to not watch the news because (they think) we should know the atrocities that are happening in the world. But very few can make a difference to something that is happening 5000 KM away. But I/we can make a difference in my neighbourhood, in my home. That is what I focus on.

    For me the “news” is asking my children how their day was or sitting and chatting with my wife and friends.

    That’s my two cents. Thanks for the videos. They make a difference and are way better than watching the news.



    • Bernadette Logue says:

      Love your two cents! Just awesome Rob. Yes, that is really powerful to note, you are contributing and making a difference in your way and in your area. Interestingly, even though I don’t watch the news anymore and don’t read the paper, of course any consciously aware adult knows what is really going on in the world whether you are fed it by the news media or not… and by not watching the news I find I can now hold my level of loving energy, positivity, possibility and my vision of what our world can be in a much steadier, consistent and powerful way. I often send love in my meditations to all those suffering and feeling darkness in our world. Like you, it is not a matter of ignorance, but informed choice, knowing the most effective way to make a difference by individual choice. To note, I thoroughly admire and respect those people who are here in our world contributing as activists, past and present, who do plant themselves squarely in the middle of the adversity and get deeply involved in the details in order to lead change from the inside in a more direct approach… very powerful and special souls to be able to do that. We each must follow our own knowing about what our part is to play, and how best we can BE THE CHANGE that we wish to see. More power to each person who does that! Love and warmest wishes!! B PS. Love that your “news” is asking the kids how their day was… beautiful!

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