7 Tips To Become A Successful Solopreneur

Maybe you started your own business because you wanted flexible hours, didn't want to work for a boss, or wanted more control over the work you do. No matter how you began, solopreneurs are known for being hard workers and jacks-of-all-trades. But though they may gain freedom in their work, they often carry heavy loads. Business responsibilities rest on their shoulders alone, and so does success.


Here are seven ways to become a successful solopreneur:

1. Create a clear vision

It's important to make time to envision where you want your business to go. What purpose does it serve? Why is it needed? What do you offer your audience? Think through these questions. It is not enough for you to understand, you must make your vision clear enough to share with the world!

2. Set goals

When you are the only one in charge of your business, you must set tangible goals so you don't drown in all the little responsibilities that will add up and consume you. Productivity can diminish when you don't create a clear direction for yourself. Create an outline for yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals. Follow the guide, but give yourself grace.

3. Learn and grow

Sometimes solopreneurers can put all focus on their output and they forget to take the time to refuel. Reading blogs, listening to podcasts, and meeting with a mentor are a few ways to be intentional about growth. If you don't take the time to fill yourself, your output will eventually run dry.

4. Automate

As you develop your business, you will come across things you don't enjoy. Creating automated systems will increase your productivity because your system will run itself. You also will create more time to invest in your strengths. You can use automation for social media posts, newsletters, invoice reminders, templates, and more!

5. Collaborate

Join communities of other solopreneurs! You can find them on Facebook, blogs, group Pinterest boards, or find them locally and meet for coffee (Yes, please)! Solopreneurs are more apt to become lonely and unmotivated. Collaborating encourages growth, support, and, in some cases, accountability!

6. Remember your WHY

When you feel like giving up, remember the reasons why you began. Your purpose will be what drives you to success. Revisit your “why” often. Make it the center of your business and build everything around your original vision.

7. Celebrate

Many times there won't be anyone around to acknowledge your hard work, so you must take the time to recognize yourself. No matter how big or small your success, make time to celebrate! Treat yourself to something that reminds you that you are on the path to success!

What has helped YOU succeed as a solopreneur?

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