You’re ready to take control of your life. You want positive changes. But you know it’s going to require you to figure out how to be more confident.

Lack of confidence keeps so many people stuck. Stuck in situations they don’t like. Holding themselves back from achieving their goals and dreams. Staying small, nervous, anxious and fearful in their relationships, social settings and workplace. And let’s be honest… life is just TOO short for that!

What most successful people seem to have in common, is that they have confidence in who they are and in what they’re doing. That confidence is magnetic. It makes what they do look effortless. And while it’s not that confidence makes life easy, it is certainly a KEY ingredient to having your optimal, happy, healthy and powerful life where you live the way you truly want.

If you lack confidence in certain situations or areas of your life, or perhaps you have a pervading sense of low confidence, today’s Daily Inspiration is to help you ZONE IN on the root cause.

Once you know WHY you lack confidence, you’re in a powerful position to resolve the real issue and your confidence will naturally rise…

How to Be More Confident

With love, Bernadette

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