If you ever find yourself feeling like a victim of something that has happened to you, or of life not going well for you, here are tips to help you turn that mindset around, moving from victim to VICTOR!

How to Change a Victim Mindset

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6 thoughts on “How to Change a Victim Mindset

  1. Eleanor says:

    Wow. Your email came through at exactly the right moment! Today I was stuck sad and circling round difficult events from 4 years ago that happened around about now. I have been holding onto this, letting myself be the victim and using this coat to hide and hold back in ways I used to jump into and celebrate before these events. You have helped me see and consider ‘the gifts’ – the strength and awareness this has given me. And, though I have been helped to process through therapy and counselling the events themselves , your talk has made me aware of the joy of meditating/journaling/visualising taking of this coat and being/feeling/seeing the powerful strong person within. That is where I am at I realise. Today and in this moment your email couldn’t have been move perfectly placed in my inbox! So thank you B, and to those who requested help with this as you have helped me too.

  2. Lizette says:

    Hi B

    That video was very insightful and open up my mind about my victim mindset. I now need the forgiveness and healing videos to finally set me free of my victim mindset. I don’t like the person I became after the personal incidents that took place in my life. I really want to get rid of the victim coat and my own Victor coat on, my old self, but now stronger and wiser.
    Thanks again for inspiring me daily. Realy keeps me going.

  3. LeAnn says:

    Thank you for this timely message. I have been wondering how to let go of some past hurts. I love the thoughts of I’m a Victor underneath my cloak of victimization and I have to choose to take off that cloak and discover who I am underneath. Thank you for sharing your gift of understanding and clarity.

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