When you communicate with another person while in a state of intense frustration or anger, you sabotage your ability to convey your message effectively.

If you want to have any impact and to resolve the root cause of whatever upset you, there are 10 things you must understand.

In this vlog, you will discover 5 essential facts about communicating when frustrated or angry, and 5 powerful steps to follow to support you into highly effective communication so you can achieve the results you really want!

These are critical for both your personal life and relationships, as well as your effectiveness professionally in the workplace.

How to Communicate When Frustrated or Angry

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6 thoughts on “How to Communicate When Frustrated or Angry – 10 Things You Must Know

  1. Katherine Fairbairn says:

    This vlog was so valuable in understanding what is necessary for communication during those frustrating and angrey moments–of which I have had several in the last few weeks. Thank you for sharing such insight and wisdom! I feel empowered to make a change and to set an example for those around me.

    • Bernadette Logue says:

      Hi Katherine, you are very welcome. Awesome to hear you are ready to bring your empowerment and consciousness into those tough conversations! Very best wishes to you. B 🙂

  2. Maria says:

    Wow! So incredibly helpful. I found this page by chance when I googled “how to communicate frustration”. The video was so eye opening and thought-provoking, I don’t know if I feel that frustrated anymore! I feel like it pulled me out of my head and I can identify what is going on a little bit better. This is the first thing I’ve ever come across to deeply connect with anger and identify it in a helpful way. Already bookmarked the page so I can come back whenever I need a reminder, and I’m going to check out the rest of the site now. Thank you for what you’re doing!

  3. Viggs says:

    I have a person at work who says these straight up hurtful rude things to me that come out of the blue. She is about 8 years younger than me, was very nice when I 1st met her, and still can be at times. The problem is whenever we conversate, it starts out harmless and polite then leads to these very akward and rude statements that leave me confused and offended. For instance today she began the conversation with some light banter about what’s your favorite pizza. Innocent enough right? As I pause to think about my answer, I start by saying “Well, I think it depends…..” Then my answer is interrupted and leads to a series of questions where she would take my responses from these seamingly harmless Q&As and turns them into rude comments on my personality or my life. She would tell me “it was a simple question and you cant give me a simple answer.” After some confusion
    and attempting to politely defend my answers. She goes further and further and ends up with a statement like “you don’t look creative, and you try to fake being creative with playing your guitars.” She looks to my other coworker and says “she doesnt look creative either thats why I’m surprised she draws and paints.” Other things she has said: “Oh so its not your fault, you were just born not funny at all.” “Your shoes reflect how wierd you are.” Mind you, I have some great relationships with other coworkers and patients who like me and think Im pretty funny. So, I’m confident I could easily respond with an arsenal of humiliating comebacks and putdowns that would leave her in tears, but I choose not to. There’s no need to and I would feel bad for doing so. But, her oddly timed and purposely rude personal attacks at me can only keep me polite for so long. I guess I just want to know why she insists on talking to me like this. What I could have done to start this kind of behavior. Is it a mental or social defect, and is there a way to stop it before I respond back and really hurt her feelings.

    • Bernadette Logue says:

      Hi Viggs
      You might find this video below helpful in terms of other people like this being belittling, rude, condescending etc.
      It’s great you’ve chosen to take a higher path and not stoop to that level of behavior that is being projected at you.
      Always know that you can bring assertive, calm, confident communication to such situations, to draw boundaries and make it clear what isn’t okay with you. It’s a case of judging which situations might require that and be worth investing your energy in, and which are better to respond to with silence.
      Most importantly, what others say and do is not about you. This is someone else projecting a low level of consciousness out into the world and you’re on the receiving end. This video below might also be helpful…

      With warmest wishes

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