A couple of hours after saying “yes” to writing this article, I realized I had a problem. I have no idea how to “define success” for your life!

I can share my thoughts, experiences, and what I’ve learned the hard way, but you are the only person who knows where you’ve been, how far you’ve come, and what it’s going to take to become the Success you were created to be.


Here is what I do know… make sure “your idea” of success, is indeed, yours. Following someone else’s plan for your life, never works!

There are many levels to success.

Most of us would agree that success involves doing what we love and getting paid for it. Not having to worry about money. Having healthy relationships, good friends. Making a difference. Leaving a legacy.

Success can also be keeping our mouth shut versus telling our landlord, our boss, or our sister’s boyfriend exactly what we think. It can be not interrupting Uncle Bernie when he tells you the same story for the 100th time (that isn’t even true). Success can be avoiding the drink, the cookies and the conversations that you know will lead nowhere.

By the way… at one point or another, I have failed miserably at all of the above.

Which bring us to the next point…

Successful people admit they messed up.

We analyze the situation. We analyze ourselves. We realize (eventually) that hiding does not bring healing. That pity parties delay success. We brush ourselves off, move forward in faith — we keep believing.

Success is a journey made of daily decisions.

It is saying “no” to the relationships, habits and lifestyles that continually disappoint, damage and derail us. It is looking at a familiar situation – and choosing a different path. It is finding purpose within our pain.

A big part of success is not reverting back to old habits and lifestyles when your world is falling apart. It’s getting up one more time when you’re tired, embarrassed, broke, or overwhelmed. It’s counting your blessings amidst your sorrows, choosing to forgive when your heart is breaking.

Success is a Mindset.

It is a determination to praise God for your breakthrough, when you feel like breaking down. It is thanking Him for the amazing career you will have while working three jobs (none of which you enjoy). It is seeking His voice in the chaos, hearing Him through the confusion, and choosing to act accordingly.

Success is Complex.

We need laser beam focus. We can’t let our mind wander to the “what if” and “but only” station. We can’t base what we do or don’t do on our feelings. We work through our tears, smile when we feel like crying, we believe despite the odds.

The fact that we can discipline ourselves to do these things is a success in itself! And if I can — believe me, you can too.

Success isn’t always about applause and recognition. Many times, it’s the untold stories that lie deep inside our heart that lead us to victory.

Successful people know who they are – even if no one else does!

We all have areas of our life where we are successful — and other areas that need work. Success is making a daily assessment of where we are, asking God where He wants us to be, and doing the work to make it happen.

You were made to Soar

Remember that.

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2 thoughts on “How To Define Success For Your Life

  1. cottagekitty says:

    This article was right on spot until the God part. Why shift responsibility and congratulations on to someone or something else? It’s your life. Own it. Maybe it could be written such as “It is a determination to praise yourself for your breakthrough, when you feel like breaking down. It is thanking your hard work for the amazing career you will have while working three jobs (none of which you enjoy). It is seeking your inner voice in the chaos, hearing it through the confusion, and choosing to act accordingly.” I would rather take charge of the situation that way rather than believe in the catch-all phrase “God will take care of it.”

  2. Mary Padron says:

    I thought this was an excellent inspirational article. Thanks for making a positive difference in the lives of others.

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