In this coaching vlog we cover 4 keys for how to feel more confident around other people. This applies in any situation… with family, friends, at work, social situations, with known people or complete strangers.

Grab a pen and paper so you can make notes of what applies to you and any insights you have, as you will then be able to practically apply these steps to start feeling more confident!

Let's dive in…

Reminders for Feeling More Confident

Take these statements and try them on for size…. see what resonates…

  • Focusing on them leads to problems, focusing on myself leads to solutions.
  • Seek nothing from them – not approval, not validation, not feedback.
  • Solidify your relationship with yourself.
  • Acceptance, acceptance, acceptance (see related vlog: How to Feel Good About Yourself)
  • I accept myself as I am.
  • I appreciate XYZ about myself.
  • I am me and this is who I am meant to be.
  • I am the exact right amount of everything.
  • I am whole and complete.
  • Be mindful when you're interacting with others if you are a) comparing yourself to them and feeling less than b) fearing their judgment, criticism, rejection, opinions c) you want something from them and you're worried you won't get it.
  • Enjoy the good and don't attach.
  • Observe the not good and don't attach.

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