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How To Find Your Inner Peace

how to find inner peace

In this free workshop series you'll learn...

  • The Reason Inner Peace is More Important Than Happiness.
  • The True Cause of Your Pain & Your Peace.
  • How to Eliminate Painful Reactions & Master Peaceful Response.

PLUS: You'll also get a free downloadable 12-Step Action Guide: The Practice of Peaceful Response.

"This video has taken me a step further towards understanding myself by what you say about linking our pain and peace to certain things in our lives. Wow! I try to acknowledge my triggers inside and not respond in a painful manner but now i will be exploring more why i am triggered and which 'core worth' these triggers threaten. This series of videos resonates strongly with me at this moment in my life/self development 'journey'. I am really thankful for the detailed thought and planning and explanations which you put into every sentence B, in all your vidos & vlogs. Much appreciated  - Kate"

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