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How To Find Your
Inner Peace

Bernadette Logue

Transformation Life Coach Bernadette Logue has worked with people all over the world showing them the keys to mind mastery and conscious living. In this FREE workshop video series, she gives you some of her best advice and strategies to help you unleash your zen-like inner peace in any situation. 

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how to find inner peace

In this free workshop series you'll learn...

  • The Reason Inner Peace is More Important Than Happiness.
  • The True Cause of Your Pain & Your Peace.
  • How to Eliminate Painful Reactions & Master Peaceful Response.

PLUS: You'll also get a practical 12-Step Action Guide to Download: The Practice of Peaceful Response.

"This video has taken me a step further towards understanding myself by what you say about linking our pain and peace to certain things in our lives. Wow! I try to acknowledge my triggers inside and not respond in a painful manner but now i will be exploring more why i am triggered and which 'core worth' these triggers threaten. This series of videos resonates strongly with me at this moment in my life/self development 'journey'. I am really thankful for the detailed thought and planning and explanations which you put into every sentence B, in all your vidos & vlogs. Much appreciated  - Kate"

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