How To Have A Successful Interview

I have yet to meet somebody who looks forward to an interview. Sure, we are all grateful for the opportunity when it presents itself, but we approach the interview with nerves and self-doubt. We want to be equipped but don't actually want too much interview experience; we just want the job the first time around!

Well, we are here to help.


Interviews are a necessary stepping stone to achieve the job of our dreams or simply a job that pays the bills! Whatever it may be, the interview is an essential component. We may have a great resume, a degree from a prestigious university, and excellent references, but if we don't know how to successfully nail an interview, the rest is pointless.

Career Contessa put together a guide filled with all the details you need for your next interview! It's basically everything you need to know and more for before, during, and after an interview.

After reading through the resource above, remember that one of the most important things you have is a unique story to tell. No blog post or graphic can equip you with your personal story. Share your story in a way that stands out but also relates to the job.


-How can your previous experience apply to this opportunity?

-What are your plans for the future and how does this position fit in with those plans?

-Why should this company want to hire YOU?

Tell your story honestly, but keep the focus centered around your new career opportunity and how you will shine!

We want you to succeed in your next interview, so we created a simple yet detailed graphic to use as a reference guide for the big day.

Enjoy and good luck!


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