Knowing how to stand up for yourself is important.

You might face times in your life when someone is treating you badly, or you’re dealing with someone whose opinion contradicts yours and you want to offer a different perspective to them.

And it’s not only important to know how to make a stand for yourself or your viewpoint, but how to do so with positive energy, grace and without creating conflict.

In this Daily Inspiration video are empowering tips to help you make a stand in a calm and effective way, where your message has the power to reach the other person…

How to Stand Up for Yourself

With love, Bernadette

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4 thoughts on “How to Stand Up for Yourself

  1. Linda says:

    When I stand up for myself….speak of fact and what is real. My husband leaves. He gets defensive and absolutely refuses to address some issues with his daughter (my step daughter). She is an adult (29) not a child. However, she has stolen from me, called me all kinds of horrible names and I have been nothing but kind and giving. He keeps trying to force me to gave a relationship with someone who CLEARLY doesn’t want one. If we can’t communicate and he can’t accept “what is” is it time to call it quits.

    • Bernadette Logue says:

      Hi Linda, I was about to reply in writing here, but there is so much to ask and say! Given the nature of the situation, it would be far more effective to provide you support in coaching, as there are so many things to cover and factors to consider, and it’s a sensitive situation. If you need help please reach out to me via the coaching page below, and we can spend 1 hour and go through this together in depth to create a plan moving forward of how to address the situation. Warmest wishes, Bernadette

  2. mieke says:

    I keep getting asked about my partially paralyzed face from random strangers–and then it’s*all* they wanted to know about me, and just take off without even a “Thank you”.In a workplace situation I heard this question from a co-worker and let him know it wasn’t an appropriate question in the workplace, with the ADA workplace law and questions of this nature. He suddenly screamed “I don’t care! I don’t care!! you look weird!!” For some reason it was like “Ok, now I know how you feel ” and was able to let that go for what it was. In other situations, I’d like to be able to get the point across that I just wanted to be treated with the same respect for how I am and the same right to privacy as anyone else.

    • Bernadette Logue says:

      Hey Mieke, thank you so much for sharing, and we appreciate you being here and offering your unique experience and insight. It’s one of the core fundamental needs (and rights) we have a humans on this life journey right… to be seen and related to for WHO WE ARE, not what we do, what we look like, what we own, etc And at the same time, to be treated with the same dignity, respect and privacy that we would afford to others. Sadly, the world is filled with many types of people, and not everyone gets it! It certainly pushes us to learn how to be in those situations and how to deal with such people with grace, to figure out how to communicate our points and come of it feeling empowered and positive. Not easy, but just wanted you to know I hear you and respect what you’re saying, and send much love. Bernadette 🙂

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