Discover how your body's healing capacity is linked to the relaxation response in your brain. But more importantly, discover how the stress response (fight/flight mode response) triggered in your brain by any number of non-life threatening but highly stressful day to day experiences (work stress, money stress, relationship stress, loneliness, social isolation, negative beliefs, thoughts and feelings), shuts down your body's ability to heal and repair itself and to combat disease.

Dr Lissa Rankin is nothing short of an inspiring pioneer for healing and health in our modern world. I highly recommend her book “Mind Over Medicine – Scientific Proof that You Can Heal Yourself for anyone who wants to take ownership for their health and be empowered to ignite their inherent self-healing capabilities. After all, to thrive personally and professionally you need to have your mind, body and soul in balance.

Below is a video of Lissa's Tedx Talk, entitled: “Is Modern Medicine Killing You?” This is well worth watching, and please read her book, it will blow your mind! Every single person on this planet needs to know how their own body operates and how we were gifted a natural balance that ignites healing from within, and how important it is NOT to accept stress response as a “normal” part of life. It doesn't have to be that way. But only you can decide if enough is enough.

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