Tap into Your Super-Human Inner Strength

You are spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally far stronger than you realize. There's an inner strength you have that is beyond what you've ever demonstrated before.

  • How does a person lost without food and shelter survive in the wilderness?
  • How does an athlete get their body through events that push them beyond a seeming breaking point?
  • How do ordinary people carry out extreme acts of physical strength or heroism to save another person, often in the face of the very real threat to themselves of physical harm or death?
  • How do we survive the darkest of moments in our lives – in our health, in our finances, in our relationships, in losing loved ones and grieving, in career ups and downs, in personal and spiritual crises?
  • How do we not only survive, but how do we come out the other side and THRIVE?

The answer is – inner strength.

This is strength that comes from something beyond your physical body. It's beyond having a tough mental attitude. It's the POWER of the life force flowing through you.

  • Creation is so powerful that it suspends planets in space in perfect order.
  • Creation is so clever that it grows intelligent, highly functioning eco-systems out of matter so complex and small you can't see it with your naked eye.
  • Creation made you.
  • Creation makes your heart beat every day.
  • Creation breathes LIFE through you.

That power is in you right now. That power never leaves you. It's a power beyond what you can conceive. And it sits there seemingly idle, until… you decide to ignite it and draw upon it.

How to Tap into Your Super-Human Inner Strength

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you're facing in your life right now, and how you're going to rise up powerfully to meet the challenge!

I support you 100% with positive energy to not only survive your challenges and to achieve your goals, but to THRIVE.

With big love, Bernadette

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8 Responses

  1. Thank you Bernadette. I am getting ready for my second natural home birth. It is incredible how the mind can master your body to relax or call for the inner strength needed to endure stressful conditions. I really like the positive affirmations you have put out on this video for trusting our inner strength. Thank you 🙂

  2. Hi Katelynn, you’re so welcome. A pleasure to share the resources with you. And yes, you’re so right… it’s amazing how the mind powerfully influences the body. Sending love and best wishes for the birth of your child!! How exciting. A blessed little one joining the world! Bx

  3. Hi Bernadette, wow! Just what I needed. Going through stuff struggles that come from childhood- always effected my life. I have achieved So much in my life and survived every threatening event- I will tap in to my unnerved strength to remind me to do this every day!! Saw this on Pinterest and hope it’s ok if I message you there? Wendy

    1. Hey Wendy, so lovely to connect with you! I can hear the power in your message, to rise courageously in the face of whatever life brings. That’s inspiring, go you! I got your message on Pinterest and have replied. You can reach me any time via our support email too if you need to. Chat soon! Best wishes, B 🙂

  4. What about a cancer journey? I was diagnosed in Feb. Chemo and radiation through April. Grueling. Surgeries. Recovering from a painful biopsy procedure post treatment to make sure no cancerous cells remained (they don’t, thank God). The recovery from this procedure has literally physically brought me to my knees with excruciating pain! Of course, there is mental strife, too. I have faced fears voluntarily (3 time marathon finisher, pregnancy bed rest for 1/2 a year, a betrayal and abandonment of my the husband soon after our daughter was born, etc. But cancer? A life-threatening illness with brutal treatments? Please, please explain how this concept is applicable…

    1. Hey Amy, thank you so much for sharing your journey here, and for this very important question. Firstly – big love to you. Secondly – yes, it is the darkest of times, the deepest of struggles where we discover the extent of our inner strength. For as this Bob Marley quote says, “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.” Life can be, as you say, brutal. Situations can threaten everything you hold dear, including your very ability to be here alive. And still… there is a DEEP well of strength that through it all endures. In any situation, we can rise (even while feeling beaten down), or we can give up. And the nature of our spirit, and our human condition, is to keep going and to find ways to adjust in our mental attitude, in our physical selves, in our environment, our ways of being and ways of doing, to FIND the path forward, to CREATE the path forward. We evolve at such an incredible pace when we go through our big life challenges, and it is often not until we reach the other side and look back that we see how strong we really were. Being strong and having inner strength doesn’t mean you don’t feel exhausted, scared, broken by an experience. You can be strong inside and simultaneously go through the entire spectrum of natural emotions that come with a situation such as the one you’re in. I hope this makes sense, and I send big love to you, on your healing journey. B

  5. I was sitting alone having lunch tdy

    A colleague comes by and asks if she she could sit at the same table I said okay.

    Then, she points to her ear piece and says “ I listen to music okay? “ maybe we can talk when we walk out together

    Next question: “Do u like to lunch alone or lunch with pple?”

    How did I react? Well I smiled and said sometimes I do enjoy company and sometimes time on my own.

    Then I continued to eat and use my handphone while she listened to her “music” and lunched.

    It was awkward for a while for me. After the meal, she asked if we could walk out.

    We did and she asked more qns- like how old I was, when I said 45 and have. 2 kids 20/13, She said “oh u can be like my mom”

    So I asked 1 question- How Old are You and Do you have siblings?

    Her response was- I am 29. I am the only Child.

    As we walked back, I realised how lucky I am to have brought up kids who are , kind ,respectful, loving and caring and nurturing.

    It’s very interesting to see How Society perceives the ones who are quieter, not as socialble as individuals that they can Shut up n pass off as being Insignificant beings.

    It also dawned on me that I am constantly bullied in this very toxic work environment. I have been humiliated , put down and worse still made to look like a fool. As a result, I have retreated to my shell on many occasions losing My confidence and self esteem.

    Looking back at my past Achievements it reminded me of my capacity and capabilities however it reminded me too that without a nurturing environment, I suffer.

    I thought about my speacial needs students in class and how I built their confidence and yet I couldn’t do the same for me.

    I realised what the power of our words could do and what it means to be a human being and not a human doing.

    I hope that Confident Me emerges soon because I am a mother to two great human beings , a responsible Daughter to a Mother suffering from Dementia,a very caring teacher who understand kids who need nothing but love and a supportive and loving Wife of 22 years to a man who suffers from serious cardiac issues.

    Thanks for offering a space for me to share my struggles

    1. Hi Rose, thank you so much for sharing this. Firstly, much love and respect to you for all you do in caring for others. And what stands out from your message is how well you are able to nurture other people into their own confidence and strength. So often in life we come to see that one of our lessons is to give to ourselves what we are so capable of giving to others, and it’s not always easy! Wishing you well on your self-nurturing path. It’s a pleasure to have you in our community and I hope the resources here will be a support to you too. Love, Bernadette

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