Filling an Inside Void with an Outside Fix

If you've been feeling a void inside, feeling not enough or incomplete, and/or you know that you regularly try to “fill yourself up” by using external things to feel better, it's time to pause and reflect.

Let's find a better way forward for you…

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9 Responses

  1. This message is very timely, and timeless. Thanks for emphasizing the importance of realizing that there can be an outside way/means/material that will fix the need to fill the void. It’s the single most important realization to looking within, and healing. Just knowing we are enough has empowerment beyond measure.
    Thanks B!

  2. I do strongly believe and know that nothing outside of us will fill that void in a spiritual, however we are here on this earth as humans having an human experience and when in this human body it needs things, it needs things outside often to evolve and be nourished. We desire connection and that’s a part of our human experience. With that desire comes the outside need. I think really depends on knowing yourself fully to know what part of you is needing that nourishment at that particular time. Being able to observe the mind knowing why it wants that. We have a gland inside our brains that is called “the want center”. We are designed to have these desires.

    1. Hey Kat, yes I totally get what you mean, and you’re right, we are evolutionary creatures, community beings, and designed to be in connection to grow together. It’s very much as you say… intuitively knowing the difference between healthy enjoyment of external things as part of enjoying and playing with life, vs unhealthy attachment to external things and destructive use of those to try to address an unresolved issue inside that really needs self healing and loving shifts within. Thanks for raising this wonderful point! B 🙂

  3. Hi my name is Andrew Unferdorben.I was on the streets when i was about 7 and again at age 20.I was in Glenside illness hospital
    about 7 times as well as abuse by my family.As well as other things.At age 24 l became a manager at Tea Tree Plaza McDonalds in Adelaide and by age 26 increased the sales of a different shop general store by 40% in 2 years .Then increased the sales by 250,000 per year at a pizza take away food shop l have a mental illness and acquired brain injury.I truley have been throw alot. and getting to know how strong and resiliant l am Thanks for every thing
    Andrew Unferdorben

    1. Hey Andrew, thanks for sharing your experience and journey with us here. Much respect to you for your strength and resilience to face all that you’ve experienced in life, and for your awesome achievements and career success. Beautiful! Sending warmest wishes your way!! Bernadette 🙂

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