Join the End of Year “Goodbye” Letter Challenge


We are at the end of the year looking ahead to a fresh start. With every ending comes a time of reflection. We want to help free you of anything that may be holding you back from positively entering into the next year. Maybe it’s negativity or maybe it’s time for a good thing to come to an end to make room for something better.

So, in addition to planning your new year, we want you to join our end of year “Goodbye” letter challenge. Instead of writing a letter to a person, this challenge will have you write a letter to a part of your past year that you need to leave behind i.e. your financial burdens, a diploma you never received, negative inner thoughts, your busy schedule, a commitment you no longer enjoy etc.


If you want you can submit your letter to us, and we will share some of the letters with The Daily Positive community!

We all want to join together in saying “goodbye.” Some letters will be too personal, and we understand that. But don't let the fear of vulnerability keep you from participating. You don't have to submit your letter to us to gain from this experience, write it and keep it for yourself.

Before you begin, think about what you need to release from your life to feel true freedom. You have the choice to go into next year without the chains of negativity or chapters that need to end. It's time to let it go and take action towards a better life!

Below is a sample “goodbye” letter to help get you started:

Dear Tiny House,

You were a dream. From the time I met my husband, I longed to move into a tiny house and simplify our lives. I researched minimalist living, created vision boards, and checked out weekly books in the library that included different home layouts and organization techniques so we could learn to live with purpose and best utilize our tiny space.

When I found you, I was over the moon. As you know, from the moment I walked in the door I said, “YES!” But my husband took more convincing. Your confined walls were something to get used to, but all I could see were memories of togetherness I wanted my family of four to enjoy — and we did!

You helped my husband and I overcome our communication barriers because we had nowhere to run. You fostered a close bond between my son and daughter because they remember nothing before sharing a room and becoming partners in crime. And you hosted dance parties, game nights, and large forts in your main communal area. My favorite part about you will always be the front porch where we spent every sunny day because we learned to use the outdoors as an additional room.

But despite the wonderful memories we shared, it's almost time to say goodbye. You see, our son who came in as a few week old baby is now a wild and free-spirited little boy who needs more room to explore. Also, we want to grow our family, and there just isn't room for another.

After we say goodbye, my family will still continue our minimalist lifestyle and tightly knitted bond. We will create an atmosphere that is designed and decorated with purpose as you taught us to with managing your limited space. I have to let you go so my family can embrace the next chapter in our lives — a home that gives our son his daily dose of adventure, room for hosting our loved ones, and an extra room awaiting the arrival of a future addition we hope to have one day.

We anticipate that your next family will learn as much as we have and will appreciate your tight space that allows plenty of room for intention and relationship building.

Thank you for two great years we will never forget.

Okay, now it's YOUR turn!

Click here to submit your letters. 

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