Kindness – It’s a Boomerang!

Little random acts of kindness set in motion a ripple effect that changes the course of people's days, and perhaps lives!

Plus, kindness is a boomerang, it'll came back around to you in divine order and timing. That's how loving, positive energy works. ????

So today – will you restore someone's faith in humanity and be a part of the beautiful ripple effect of kindness?

Be kind to everyone you meet, no matter who they are or how they are behaving.  You have no idea what another person is experiencing in the world inside their head and heart, and who knows… perhaps the Universe put you in their path so you could be a light that would lift them up.

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6 Responses

  1. Hello Bernadette,

    That was awesome! My wife often says to me when I leave for work in the morning, “do a kind thing for someone today and you you feel great!” So true. Thank you for sharing. Jim

  2. Life vests video was beautifully heartwarming! I am wiping the tears from my eyes literally. This has warmed my heart❤️
    Thank You

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