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How Healthy Is A Selfie?

It’s sad to admit that this decade will probably be remembered as the decade of the selfie. In pursuit of the perfect image, people are

10 In-Home Date Night Ideas

When I was first married, my husband and I had hardly any money to our name. Having date nights only happened if we could come

5 Ways To Declutter Your Home

A home can be a place of comfort and inspiration, or it can be burdensome and full of negative energy. A huge part of creating a positive

A Symbol Of Hope In America

Recently, a friend brought it to my attention that the American flag is often seen waving at half-staff due to the tragedies this nation has

4 Ways To Encourage A Single Mom

As the group minister at my church, my job requires several interactions with single moms. Through this, I have learned that being a single mom

6 Things To Add To Your Budget

Budgeting is a necessary part of financial stability. When you budget, you remember the mortgage, food, gas, and basic bills, but there are many things you

How To End A Toxic Friendship

Friendship is something we all treasure. When we are young, we base our worth on the number of friends we have rather than the quality

The Power Of Storytelling

It is said that facts tell and stories sell. I have found this to be true and have always valued the art of storytelling. Stories

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