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Are You Unhappy? Here’s Why…

Many people don’t know that I’ve been through hundreds of hours of therapy and counseling. In 2013, I paid $1,000 per month (for a year) to

The #1 Step To ENDING Your Single Life

Movies and culture often glamorize being single as the more “desirable” way of life. To not have to answer to someone, to have freedom, and to focus on yourself.

Big change

7 Scary Feelings During Big Change & How to Deal to Them

BALI! We’ve arrived! I’m going to share very honestly 7 feelings I’ve experienced in the first 48 hours. There’s no point just telling you the highlights, the ‘Facebook’ version of what it’s like to realise this dream and arrive in a wonderful new place, because the reality is that like anything in life, change takes a little getting used to no matter how many times you experience it, or how much you want it and choose it…

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