5 Simple Ways To Turn Love Into Action

Loving people is not easy.

When I reflect on what it really means to love, I don't think theories, I think people.

I think upon the sacrifices of Mother Teresa, the selfless dedication of Martin Luther King Jr., the willingness of Abraham Lincoln, and the boldness of Jesus of Nazareth.

If anyone knew how to love people who weren’t likable, it was these people. It's almost as if they were born with some radical ability in their hearts, that somehow, skipped the hearts of the rest of us.

The ability to help the co-worker who drives us crazy, to build a friendship with the neighbor who parties too loud, to grab a beer with the relative who votes differently than us, or to speak well about the boss who makes our life miserable.

Love is a choice as much as it is a feeling or a decision. It makes me think of the quote:

Love is a Verb. Without Action, it's Merely a Word

What if love was less about emotion and more about discipline? What if love had less to do with feeling and more about willingness? What if you could showcase love with little more than a mind of readiness and a heart of openness? Below are 5 simple ways I've seen incredible leaders turn love into action.

5 Simple Ways Leaders Turn Love into Action

They kill judgement, even if it's ugly

At the end of the day, we can only control ourselves. We all have flaws, we all have brokenness, we all fall short of perfect. Let's be people who extend grace and enable those around us to feel the power of acceptance – no matter where they are weak.

They forgive, even if they're not sorry

Beyond grace, people need forgiveness. In a world a of unresolved conflict, shame and deep seated pain, a powerful gesture of love is the extension of forgiveness. Whether it's small or large, let it go, and witness the overwhelming power of love unfold before your eyes.

They affirm, even if  they don't agree

As our friends and family share their hopes and dreams, lets be people who strengthen their vision by empowering them with loving affirmations. From shared excitement to words of encouragement, this simple detail can change someone's world.

They use their ears, even if it's boring

To offer a fellow human the opportunity to share their heart in the form of a long-winded conversation has more power than we will ever know. Having an ear to hear can often times deliver a much needed moment of clarity or even the catalyst to overdue healing.

They defend, even if it's tough

We must remember people are still people. We are fragile, weak, and in desperate need of acceptance and community. While the rest of the world tears down people who may be ugly to “cultures” standards, let's vow to stand for the weak, the broken, and the ugly, even if it's tough.

How have you put love into action? Let me know in the comments below.

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8 Responses

  1. Love just is! It appears and there is an opportunity to see it or miss, but it is there every single moment. Love the post it’s LOVEly 🙂

  2. Dale Thank u so much! I like ur writings.
    Well to answer u, I felt that I loved my self more after I read ur post. Moreover, I felt happier and willing to embrace others and support them. I usually help any one who needs help as long as I can do it and it is simple and it won’t take a lot of time to do it. However the new thing to me is that I want to be more honest with my self and enjoy the honor and pleasure of being able to help the humanity. I have billions of thoughts that are shooting in my brain but generally speaking, Thank u Dale. ur writing made my day and it widen my horizon.

  3. Lovely post. Love definitely needs action. If you have time please read up on the last prophet of Islam, Mohamed peace be upon him. It’s no wonder that he got the first place in the 100 most influential men by George Bernard Shaw. The message of love and forgiveness are key areas in his teachings and life. There are two other books by Karen Armstrong and Tariq Ramadan as well.Thank you.

  4. Finding this article in a slew of emails was a perfect way to start a Monday. I posted just before the new year on love as an action verb, inspired by Steven Covey’s 7 Habits. Loving is something I cherish doing, it makes me feel like myself, but sometimes I shut people out as a defense mechanism. I recently vowed to love (v.) my boyfriend and accept every part of him, even the parts that put me on the defense. I am also going to start fostering pit bulls this year; they need love too! <3

  5. This article started my day off right. Judgement and negativity is a curse that pulls away from love. When I start going down that road, its nice when the universe reaches out and reminds me what it means to love, and offer grace. Thanks Dale.

  6. I pray for my ex-husband. I don’t love him as a spouse anymore, but I love him as a human being. He is fighting some tough personal battles that have caused him to distance himself from our children. I pray, for his sake and theirs, that he will gain freedom from every hurt, habit and hang-up he’s burdened with and discover a life of happiness and blessing.

  7. The main thing I do is not hate people who have wronged me. Usually in those situations, I have wronged them just as much or more than they have wronged me. So humility is always one thing I have to work on.

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