This Should Make Anyone’s Day. Too Bad 95% Of You Won’t Do It.

Human connection is the foundation to all happiness. But culture has made us question which types of connection are appropriate and which are not.

Maybe we are not here to see each other but to see each other through.

The video below is an incredible experiment to see which connections are allowed by people on the subway. It will provide you both hope in humanity, and the answer to your personal boundaries.

How do you show love to a stranger? What has stopped you in the past? Let me know in the comments below.

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25 Responses

  1. That’s a really cool video, there should be more people like that. I understand it’s not easy..but if it’ll ever happen I’ll do it for sure 😉 hehe

  2. This is the best! Im still figuring out how to show love to strangers – but I know it starts with just being human.
    What has stopped me – probably the fact that its countercultural to help others if it costs you something.

    1. That last thing you said is pretty powerful. It definitely is countercultural, that’s why we have to work so hard to go against the social norm.

  3. Even a smile can make someones day, or just saying godmorning can make a difference. If you see someone and you think they have got a nice jacket (for example), dont just think it, say it 🙂

  4. I’ve fell asleep upon the shoulder of a fellow train passenger, dribbled down his shirt. When I awoke I was so embarrassed and apologetic and offered to pay for dry cleaning bill, but he wouldn’t accept anything.

  5. I must say this video warmed my heart. The media paints society as cold, heartless, and selfish. I also thought it was a great experiment for a New York subway.

    1. We can definitely be those things, for sure. And yeah I thought it was cool too. 😉

  6. Just today when walking to go eat a sandwich I had made with me I saw a homeless person sitting out & handed him my bag and said “enjoy.” And went and bought myself something that I ended up having a half left over of and again I saw another homeless and shared & said “enjoy.” One doesn’t have to be financially rich to be kind. I’m not at all. I’m disAbled and single.

  7. Haha I LOVE this! I let people sleep on my shoulder 🙂 But in the defense of those that don’t, physical touch probably isn’t part of their temperament or their preferred love language and that’s OK. God made us all the way we are for a reason<3<3

  8. It really makes you wonder why simple acts of human kindness are so difficult for us today. I vow to make an effort daily to a stranger in a store, at a gas station, or sadly even towards a neighbor (yes, I pull in the garage and let the door down). No wonder we are so shocked when someone pays it forward at Starbucks.

  9. My husband is from London, he has fallen asleep many a time on someone’s shoulder on the way home from work. No one had ever given him a hard time. Also, we love to watch out for veterans when we are out to dinner and treat them to their meals. We don’t have a lot of money, but put extra aside to always have some way of paying forward. I so strongly believe in that. We also like to make sure we tell wait staff and managers what great service we received or go back and thank the person for making my coffee and telling them how good it was. What a simple way to make some ones day.

  10. a smile and kind words often go so much further than I expect. we never know the events surrounding the life of stranger.

  11. Its hard these days to know who you can trust,because lot of them will act as a friend,tell you what you want to hear, then for example steal from you,blame it on someone else,and tell ya cannot believe they stolen from you. But can’t let that stop you from thinking there is good people in the world,start thinking positive and be one of them : ) I was wrongfully operated on in 97,Dr said I had a cervical spinalcord tumor c-5,6,7 it had to be removed. Had surgery, It turned out that there was NO TUMOR & the biopsy he took was all nerves, I was on fire,long story short, all muscles became weak&spastic, astrophyed and forced to use Wheelchair.was mad at the world,BUT found comfort in GODS word. he lets suffering to us,for his own glory,brings us closer to him. Today I’m Quadriplegic in power wheelchair. I read

  12. It’s incredible such a little thing like that can show so much love. Just a small act of kindness. I love it

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