No one likes to make mistakes.

But it's going to happen!

Why? Because you're human.

So rather than trying to avoid making mistakes, you might as well accept the inevitable, give yourself permission to make mistakes and have strategies in place for when you do.

This is about LIVING FULLY.

Tune in for reminders, tips and strategies to support you to live all out, with FREEDOM, and the smarts to deal with mistakes with style…

Permission to Make Mistakes

With love, Bernadette

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6 thoughts on “Permission to Make Mistakes & How to Make Mistakes with Style!

  1. Tata says:

    Hi Bea i really enjoyed this video you made about fear of making mistakes. I made a massive mistake regarding my mental health in terms of taking medication, but i learnt something, that it is in my interest to take medication because it works. For a while i had a tough time and i felt awful, but i have since learnt that giving myself a tough time is never the answer. i now tell myself that i have learnt from this experience and as you say have vowed to do better and learn from the experience. I want to embrace the idea of mistakes because they are part of life and im human im perfectly imperfect. Thank you i enjoy your talks.

    • Bernadette Logue says:

      Beautiful, yes, I always think to myself… where would I be without my mistakes? The answer is… NOT WISER! I am grateful, like you are, for the learning I’ve gained from mistakes as it fast forwards us on our journey. Wiser and stronger! Bx

  2. Frederick says:

    thanks very much, although i feel like being in a deep shit just after making the management of my department aware of the hidden challenges in the department it seems to me that i have exposed my manager of which i truthfully dont have the intention of harming him. i actually like him and never would i want to hurt him. i couldn’t watch the video it never showed on my computer but then after reading the content of the email also comment from Taya i am encouraged to forgive myself and accept the fact that i am a human and i am definitely not perfect. i only hope to re establish the good relations we used to have.

    • Bernadette Logue says:

      Hey Frederick, I hear you, and yes it’s about forgiving ourselves and accepting our imperfections, also in your situation, you may feel like it would benefit you to communicate those things to your manager, so that person knows where you are coming from and your good intention. You will know in your heart if that feels good and right to you. Sometimes we do things for the best reasons but it can still create challenges for others, and maybe that can’t be avoided, and maybe we didn’t seen those challenges coming. Forgive, love yourself, and focus on a vision of all things working out.
      With love,

  3. nancy mathu says:

    Bernaddette, I enjoyed listening to your post about allowing myself to make mistakes. It dawned on me that I have feared venturing into many opportunities that I come across because I do not want “to make a mistake”. Where I have done mistakes, the tag “failure” has emboldened the defeatist tendencies that has made me to withdraw even farther and not attempt to try again. It is an awesome piece and calls for a mental change on my part.

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