Master Your Mind

Ready to Become the Powerful Person You Are & Get What You Most Want Out of Life?

 Are you done with your mind leading you – instead of YOU leading your mind!?

  • Noticing recurring negative thoughts and negative self-talk?
  • Tired of getting caught up in difficult feelings without a way to deal with it effectively?
  • Stuck in bad habits, or patterns of inaction, or ineffective action?
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    Reacting negatively to people, situations and circumstances around you?
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    Experiencing problems or hitting your performance limits in particular areas and can’t figure out how to breakthrough?
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    Trying to create positive change but seem to keep treading water, uncovering issues you don’t know how to address, repeating patterns, or doing a “yo-yo” as you get on and off the wagon?
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    Do you sense, if you’re honest, that you’re actually holding yourself back somehow and it’s time to get out of your own way?
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    Ready to take control, clean it all up, reclaim your inner power and freedom, and get the tangible results you want in ALL areas of your life?

 Your MIND  is the answer to everything you want.

It’s the answer to inner peace. It’s the answer to success and rewards while also having balance and freedom. It’s the answer to having it all, including happiness.

It’s the answer to not just thinking and saying zen things, but feeling zen and acting that way. It’s the answer to manifesting your desires (in any area of your life).

And, it’s the crucial and often over-looked component to connecting to the deepest level of your spirituality (surprising to some spiritual seekers, but true!).

Your MIND is the most powerful asset you will ever have, and shock horror… most people don’t have a user-manual for it and have no freaking idea what to do with their mind to make it work for them!

And, while your MIND is the key to all you desire, it’s also the greatest trap and limitation that stands in the way of everything you want.

  • You can manifest with as much commitment as you can muster, telling the Universe what you want, but if your core beliefs contradict what you say you want, you won’t get it or sustain it.
  • You can get all the success and rewards in the world, but at the end of the day nothing external will ever resolve a void within or a mind filled with limiting beliefs and negative thoughts that causes you stress and lack of peace.
  • You can say whatever conscious and enlightened things you wish, but if what you say doesn’t align with your conscious and subconscious beliefs, then it won’t consistently translate into your choices, behavior and action in the world, nor the results and life you want.
  • And sure, you could run away to live in solitude to get some inner peace, but guess what goes with you? Your mind!

I went on the personal growth merry-go-round, from A-Z, to figure out this simple truth.

The root cause of ALL issues and the solution…

Whether you want to resolve a problem, achieve a goal or improve upon existing success in any area of life (health, wellbeing, body, love, relationships, career, business, money or lifestyle) there is always 1 common denominator in all scenarios.

The 1 common denominator is YOU.

In all situations you are present, you are perceiving, you are thinking. In all situations you are feeling, choosing, behaving, speaking and taking action.

In all situations, your mind is involved…

Your mind is the most powerful form of entrapment and limitation you will ever experience, flowing onward to all your outer results. It is also the sole answer to you having calm, confidence and flow in all areas of your life.

In other words, within the very problem, exists the solution! You have a powerful mind, and you need to learn HOW your mind operates and HOW to use it. Too often people run on autopilot, allowing their mind to run riot, creating issues and sub-optimal results in their lives. YOU MUST TAKE OWNERSHIP AND MASTER YOUR MIND if you want to have resolution, peace, freedom, growth, results and success in all areas.

And, there are stages you go through on this path to mastering your mind.

One vital initial step is becoming aware of yourself. You start to notice what isn’t working in your life and what doesn’t feel good. You notice you’re dissatisfied with your outcomes, and with not having the ability to effectively manage and direct your mind, your actions and your results. This sparks something inside of you. You begin to want more for yourself and more from life.

Now – this initial self-awareness is a critical starting point! But, it’s not quite as easy as just “being aware” and then all of a sudden your mind changes and your life changes! Nor is it as simple as just choosing positive thoughts. Right? I know you’ve tried that, and so has every person I’ve ever met, and everyone knows that positive thinking alone is not a robust or sustainable method for mastering your mind and taking control of your life.

For example, you can be enjoying your day with a high level of self-awareness, consciously choosing positive thoughts and then… all of a sudden unexpectedly you notice your thinking has reverted to old patterns! It feels like you’re back to square one again. Then you get frustrated with yourself, and wonder why this keeps happening, and on it goes. You’re not alone in that experience.

After working privately with clients in 1-on-1 coaching for years, I’ve seen the same patterns across everyone I deal with – patterns which show up in different costumes for each person (such as money stress, love/relationship bumps or voids, career/workplace issues, health problems, body image/weight challenges, fear-stress-anxiety cycles, doubt/confidence blocks and much more). No matter which way challenges manifest in YOUR life, it always boils down to the same root cause.

I always say it’s not effective to deal with symptoms, you have to deal to the root cause. Seeing the same root cause across all the people I’ve worked with privately worldwide (different ages, cultures, countries and upbringings), drove me to create 1 solution that would address that root cause, so that everyone has the opportunity to master their mind for greater results in all areas of life…

Becoming the Powerful Person You Are

You Absolutely Can…

  • Live from new healthy and liberating positive beliefs that support success in all areas of your life.
  • Feel uplifted, powerful and confident with new mind mastery skills and tools that are usable on a daily basis and applicable to any situation.
  • Enjoy all the most important “selfies” – self-love, self-acceptance, self-belief, self-confidence, self-esteem and self-assurance.
  • Put the past in its place – see it differently, detach and feel strengthened to move forward afresh.
  • See the present with new eyes and stand with peace, presence and power in the face of both challenges and opportunities.
  • Feel inspired and motivated about the future, with an active focus and high vibration positive energy which manifests what you want.
  • Be in action to achieve the goals that are important to you, having fun along the way.
  • Believe, think, feel and act in ways that entirely support a positive and fulfilling life.

Let me show you how…

Mind Mastery Program
Master Your Mind Program

With Bernadette Logue – Transformation Life Coach

Your mindset is what I often refer to as your unique paradigm. It is the way you see yourself, others, life and the world around you. It is your “model of reality”. Your paradigm is critical to attaining the inner and outer results you want.

Through the Master Your Mind online program we will be breaking down and rebuilding your paradigm in order that it works FOR you in all ways, not against you. As I always say, own your mind or your mind will own you!

The Master Your Mind Program

  • A 6-SECTION online training program, with lifetime access to all resources.
  • With a core focus on inner transformation to FREE YOU of limiting beliefs and negative thinking.
  • Each section builds upon the last, sequentially guiding you through a process to master your mind.
  • Released to you over a 6 week period (1 section per week, for optimal focus to integrate the learning step-by-step).
  • Each weekly section of the program contains (a) on-demand training in both video and audio format, (b) a PDF exercise worksheet to apply the training to your unique situation, plus (c) a Mind Mastery Audio (a combination of meditation, affirmation and visualization processes in each audio – designed to directly support the weekly training by further embedding the key messages into your mind, guiding your mind into a new paradigm and cementing the most vital perspectives).
  • Offers you complete flexibility to enjoy the program at your own pace, and to revisit it any time you wish.

Master Your Mind sets you up with the skills to be the leader of your mind and therefore the leader of your life. It will equip you with understanding that you can apply at any time in your life to take control (of yourself, of a situation, of an issue or a goal you want to achieve).

Farnoosh Brock

Executive Business Coach
United States

Master Your Mind 2017

I have been following Bernadette Logue since 2014. Her affirmations and her beautiful accent hooked me from the first YouTube video. I felt such a connection to her, and today, having learned her story of how she came to create The Daily Positive and who she is, I’m not surprised that I felt so connected to her. So when Master Your Mind was being offered again in 2017, I knew instantly that I had to be in it. As a business and leadership coach, an entrepreneur, and a business owner, I’ve had to battle a host of mind challenges, and I’m always looking to grow myself. But I got SO MUCH more out of Master Your Mind. Bernadette’s approach to personal growth is brilliant and unique. I’ve taken dozens of courses, programs, classes, and attended tons of conferences and read dozens of books. Her approach is so very methodical, sensible, and effective that you can’t help but get SO much out of the course. And it works. The brilliant course, Master Your Mind, is put together in such a powerful way that if you follow it, you will transform your mind and your life. And more than all of that, Bernadette treats every student like a gem and her community like her family. You will not find another place on the whole of internet that makes you feel so valued, so inspired and so supported as you take the courageous steps to master your mind and become the leader of your life. THANK YOU, B! I love you and I am grateful to you to no end!

The 6 Week Journey of Mastering Your Mind

Week 1

TOPIC – You Have Only 1 Real Problem

Go beyond the symptoms and pinpoint the root cause of your issues.


Week 2

TOPIC – The Truth That Corrects the Problem

Radically shift your reality with vital new insights, apply to your life, and discover who you really are.


Week 3

TOPIC – The 1 Thing Your Mind Needs in Order to Accept the Truth

Use this key to take control of your mind and then create a whole new unique paradigm for yourself, of powerful beliefs to live from.


Week 4

TOPIC – Your #1 Job

Discover simple and effective tools to practically train your mind on a daily basis to accept new beliefs.


Week 5

TOPIC – Your Life Instantly Rewritten

Look at your past, present and future through the lens of your chosen new beliefs, and confidently project those to create a whole new, liberating life experience for yourself.


Week 6

TOPIC – Your Mind Forever Changed with Real-Time Evidence

Bring your new beliefs to life with practical action applied to specific situations relevant for you, for evidence of real change.


Master Your Mind Testimonial


United States

Master Your Mind 2017

In 2017 I enrolled in the Master Your Mind program with Bernadette Logue. I have discovered that Bernadette’s programs always incorporate extra content that include a lifetime's worth of journaling prompts, meditations and affirmations. She over-delivers because she genuinely cares about people’s well-being. When I look back at the writing I did as I was going through the course the first time, I am amazed! I do not even recognize the person I was then. In a few months' time, I have reinvented myself. I went from being on a career track that had me dreading facing my work every day to one that I am excited about! (Bernadette's HR background makes her particularly well-suited for career counseling.) I also had a stress level that was weakening my immune system and causing multiple infections. Now that I know how to control my own mind, I can bring my stress level down, regardless of what is going on around me. As a result, my immune system is stronger, and those infections are gone. The Master Your Mind program teaches skills that I continue to use daily. It was not just a six-week event. It has become a way of life.

When You Enroll in Master Your Mind You'll Also Get:

Bonus #1: Intention Setting Exercise + Audios
($30 USD Value)

After registering you will receive instant access to the Intention Setting resources, as the first thing to dive into before you start Week 1 of the program. This includes a video to guide you on setting your intention (also available in audio download), plus a PDF worksheet. You also receive a special guided meditation to listen to on a daily basis before the program starts, opening your mind up ready for transformative change, and setting your energy in a positive direction for this 6 week journey ahead.

Allow 4 days to complete your Intention Setting, at which point then Week 1 of the program will be released.

MYM Forum

Bonus #2: Private Online Discussion Forum 
($150 USD Value)

Receive access to the private online discussion forum for Master Your Mind participants only. It’s a place to connect and interact throughout the program and beyond (you have ongoing access to this forum after the 6 week program).

This is where you can ask questions and get support from me as we go through the program together, helping you to personalize the training to your unique situation and needs. Being able to connect in the discussion forum ensures you feel confident as you complete the worksheet exercises each week.

You can also share your insights, experiences, challenges, your successes and your understanding of the program material.

MYM Class Replays

Bonus #3: REPLAYS of All Past Master Your Mind Program Q&A Classes. 42 total, 7 per week - ($420 USD Value)

You will be participating in our on-demand version of the Master Your Mind program. To support you as you move through the program, you will receive access to REPLAYS of all our previous Master Your Mind live group coaching and Q&A classes.

Master Your Mind has been run 7 times in the past as a live program. Each time we ran the program, we held weekly live group coaching classes including Q&A, and we recorded all of the classes in video and audio format. So we have 42 past classes (averaging 1 hour duration each) filled with awesome Q&A!

So, in addition to you getting real-time support from me in the Master Your Mind discussion forum, to help you with your unique questions and personalizing the training to your needs, you’re also going to get access to all past Q&A class replays from previous MYM live programs to further support you.

MYM Refresher Class

Bonus #4: Master Your Mind Graduate Refresher Class Replay - ($50 USD Value)

At the end of your 6 week journey in the core Master Your Mind program, you will then get access to a replay of our 1-hour Graduate Refresher Class (group coaching and Q&A) – in both video format as well as downloadable audio.

This Graduate Refresher resource allows you to reflect back on the core teachings from the program. You can watch or listen to this any time to remind yourself of the most important points and practices for being the master of your mind and the leader of your life. It will help you to refocus if you ever get off track, and/or to inject you with the motivation, empowerment and support for this way of living.

MYM Grad class

Bonus #5: Master Your Mind Graduate Workshop Replay "How to Step into Your Highest Potential" ($75 Value)

At the end of your 6 week journey in the core Master Your Mind program, you will also get access to a replay of our 1-hour Graduate Workshop showing you how to step into your highest potential (group coaching, guided visualization exercise and Q&A) – in both video and downloadable audio format.

This Graduate Workshop provides powerful insights that show you how to immediately connect with the best version of yourself, stepping into that higher potential. It will open your mind even further, stir your soul and ignite the power within you!

Plus, you will receive a separate audio download of the guided visualization conducted in the workshop, so you can easily listen and repeat the visualization exercise any time you want.

Mind Mastery Audios

Bonus #6: 40 x Meditation, Visualization & Affirmation Audios - ($39 USD Value)

Receive a Master Audio Set of 40 additional supporting mind-training audio resources as a bonus with this program. This gives you a comprehensive toolkit of complementary resources to draw upon in your daily life, targeting keys areas from peace and happiness, to health and wellbeing, to relationships and love, career success and money/abundance. Be supported holistically by these tools for mind, body and soul.

Testimonial Master Your Mind



Master Your Mind 2016

B’s insights in this program have helped me truly understand the inner workings of the mind and gave me a birds-eye view of life that allowed me to form a whole new foundation to build my life upon and have given me a clear sense of what got me off-track and led me in an unhelpful direction. Over the course of the program she walked me through some wonderful realizations and powerful practical strategies to help rewire my mind accompanied with wonderful supporting tools. She helped me effectively deal with my past pains & have a whole new look at the future which only made me enjoy more of life while being productive. Altogether B’s insights and strategies aided me in creating the inner shift that had immensely influenced my way of living in the outer world... Throughout the program B has been very supportive and helped me address the specific concerns I had while teaching me a whole new way of living in this massive energetic world. I could finally get rid of the burden I’ve been carrying on my shoulders for long time. It allowed me to look at the world with fresh new eyes and totally replaced my old patterned living. I’ve never been so calm and lighter within before, and feel very relieved. It liberated me from long-standing headaches and has been a big boost for my mental and emotional well-being. 

Just by Choosing to Master Your Mind You Help Make a Difference

450 Meals for People Suffering Hunger

When you register for Master Your Mind, you are directly helping people who are in need of nourishing food, something many of us take for granted in daily life.  For every person in our community who joins the Master Your Mind online program, we donate to a leading hunger-relief non-profit organization for 450 meals to reach those in need, including the most vulnerable in society such as children and the elderly.

It's a beautiful ripple effect - you're mastering your mind, they're being supported and cared for, and as a community here at The Daily Positive we're collectively bringing more light and love into the world.

Testimonial Master Your Mind



Master Your Mind 2017

I completed the Master Your Mind program a while ago and wanted to offer feedback. When I learned that you were offering the program I knew immediately that I wanted to participate…I follow all the content you deliver and knew this would be great. My only hang up was the cost. I’m a stay at home parent so what little money I have is for my children and household necessities. Despite that, I still wanted to do it and having lost sleep over the decision, finally 2 things helped me make the choice. First, I read a testimonial from one of your previous students saying that she too was worried about spending the money but it was worth every penny and more. That was very helpful and reassuring because it was my only concern. I reasoned that investing in myself would also benefit my children.

Secondly, I had a dream. I was driving through a landscape, trying to get somewhere, when a landfill popped up parallel to my car and I could no longer see the landscape… where I needed to go. I noticed a train station to my right… well it was a pharmacy and a train station. I went inside to seek directions and you were working at the kiosk. You said that you knew how to get me where I needed to be and you held up a train ticket. I stood there wondering if I should buy the ticket. I realize that the dream was mirroring my feelings but it was so interesting… you could offer a prescription (pharmacist) or a ticket for the right track! Anyway, B, I was so scared to take that money but I joined and I am glad that I did.

What to Expect…

Intention Setting Process

After registering today you receive instant access to our private Members Area online, to get started with the pre-program Intention Setting resources, preparing your mind and energy in the right direction before the program begins. Please allow 4 days to complete this at your own pace, as there is a special audio for you to listen to daily 3-4 times before diving into Week 1 of the program.

Weekly Throughout the 6 Week Program You Receive:

(1) Weekly Training in Video & Audio Format (on-demand lifetime access to enjoy in the comfort of home or office, at a time that is convenient for you)

(2) Weekly Worksheet for Exercise & Note Taking (utilize this while going through the training video in your own time)

(3) Weekly Mind Mastery Audio (download for daily listening throughout the week, training your mind in alignment with the weekly topic)

Master Your Mind

(4) Weekly Replays of Past Group Coaching / Q&A Classes (enjoy video and audio replays of all Q&A classes from past live MYM programs, with additional coaching tips and helpful answers to common questions, to support you with applying the training that week)

Your Training Videos

Master Your Mind

Every week during your 6 week journey you receive one section of the 6-section online program, in the form of an online training video to watch in your own time, introducing one fundamental step to enable you to Master Your Mind.

The weekly training video is on average 40-45 minutes duration. You can watch, pause, replay the video to suit your own schedule and learning preferences. Take notes, write down any questions you may have and reflect on how the topic applies to your unique situation.

You’ll also receive the training in audio format, in case you prefer to download the audio to listen offline or on-the-go.

The training sections are released one week at a time for an important reason – to set you up for success! One section at a time allows you to fully focus and digest the training, to apply it to your unique situation, and have the necessary mindset shifts, before taking on-board more information in the next section of training.

Week 1 will be released to you 4 days after you register, allowing you time to first complete your Intention Setting (using the special audio for Intention Setting on a daily basis for 3-4 days before diving into Week 1 training).

Your Worksheets

Each week with the training you also receive a PDF worksheet to download, for making notes on the weekly topic if you wish, and to guide you through any suggested reflection or exercise to apply the training to your current unique mindset and life situation.

Mind Mastery Audios

Each week with the training you also receive a specially designed Mind Mastery Audio, which critically supports the training by (a) embedding the core messages of the training and (b) ensuring your mind is being fed the nutrition it needs to come into alignment with a powerful, positive paradigm.

The Mind Mastery Audios will differ slightly in format each week – using combinations of deep relaxation, guided meditation, visualization and affirmations to create shifts. Some audios will be single track content, others will include overlapping statements. Each week you will utilize that week’s audio on a daily basis (for repetition and consistency) to train your mind, until the following week’s content has been released, at which point you will move onto the next.

REPLAYS of Past Group Coaching / Q&A Classes

Along with your training each week you also receive replays of past live Group Coaching & Q&A Classes. These class replays provide additional coaching tips, support and answers to common questions to help you apply the training to your situation.

Get Your Questions Answered

If after completing the training and watching the Q&A class replays you have questions or need help completing your worksheet exercises, you can post a message in the Master Your Mind private discussion forum in our private Members Area and I'll reply back to support you.

Members Area & Weekly Email Reminders

You will receive access to login to The Daily Positive private Members Area online, to access all of the program content in one easy place.

Every week your new weekly training material will be released, and we will send you a friendly email reminder to let you know that it’s available so you can login and enjoy!

Lifetime Access

You have lifetime access to the Master Your Mind training material after the program ends, so you can login and revisit anything you want, whenever you wish.

Helpdesk Support

At anytime during the program if you need technical support, for example with logging into the Members Area or accessing program content, you can contact our helpdesk via email to and we'll reply back to help you.

Expertise and Proven Results

This program is based on my expertise built up over a 20 year diverse career and path – combining personal first-hand experiential learning in personal growth, mind power and conscious living, along with professional experience in supporting people to master themselves and reach their full potential. This includes 6 years working in the corporate business arena in Human Resources consultancy, including pinpointing and harnessing people competency and development potential, peak performance coaching, people management, training development and delivery, as well as leadership, along with years of experience as a Transformation Life Coach working privately with people all over the world.

Aside from the above expertise, I fully believe in walking your own talk, and teaching from first-hand experience. I successfully transformed my own mindset and I know exactly what it’s like to go from A-Z in mastering your mind – what it takes, the keys, the challenges, what’s possible, and what it feels like to achieve it. Being on the other side of the process, I’m passionately obsessed with showing others how to do the same. All my programs, products and services are built upon my exclusive Unleash Your Life transformation coaching method.

- Bernadette Logue, Transformation Life Coach, Author & Leader of The Daily Positive -

Testimonial Master Your Mind


United Kingdom

Master Your Mind 2018

I’m writing to say a huge thank you for all that you gave me during the Master Your Mind programme, and particularly all the time and effort you put into giving me quite intensive individual support. I can’t tell you how much I value that – what a truly wonderful gift.

I also wanted to share with you progress I have made. I had a real battle for a week or so after the programme ended (my usual patterns still going strong). I was spending my “MYM time” going back to earlier weeks, wanting to ensure I had completed everything etc. I then woke up and realised that actually the higher priority was to just get on with DOING! (As you rightly said to me many times!) So I went back to Week 4, got my daily rituals structure going again, re-read all your insights and advice from our correspondence and then I employed “Just Do it”!! I used “Activated Courage” and “Empowered Conscious Decisions” – 2 of my favourite new terms!

So…. I am now coming to the end of a week of eating 3 nutritious, balanced meals each day and getting much more sleep. Yay!! I still have changes to make but I feel a million times better. It feels great to know that I am taking better care of my body but I think the best feeling of all is the one of empowerment. It’s true – I CAN lead my mind and take action in line with my new choices in spite of what resistance it throws up. I am still amazed by the power I can summon when I read my affirmations and the work we did in week 6 – motivational self-talk and the 3 things I have on a sheet to read when my mind throws up resistance.

I just cannot thank you enough for what you have given me. “Thank you” doesn’t really convey the depth of how I feel. I actually feel quite tearful writing this. I always find you so inspiring and encouraging to listen to and I always learn something from your words.

Join ‘Master Your Mind’ Risk FREE!

Money Back Guarantee

This program comes with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. We are completely committed to providing you with high quality resources. While you are responsible for how you use this program and the resources, and for your choices and actions, we pride ourselves on exceptional client service, on providing relevant and targeted content to support you with real life day-to-day challenges, and if you are not satisfied in this first 30 days, I wholeheartedly encourage you to contact us:

* Please note our good-faith guarantee is based on your active participation in the program in the first 30 days and does not cover change of mind or change of circumstance.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Please participate fully in all aspects of the program, and when using the Mind Mastery Audio each week please listen daily, with a headset/earphones for the best experience.

Mind Mastery Program

The 6 week core Master Your Mind training resources alone are valued at $645. We believe most participants would say the ongoing value that this program adds to their life is worth exponentially more than $645.

And… We want to make this the best experience for you.

So here is what you’ll get lifetime access to when you register for this game-changing Master Your Mind journey:

  • 6 Week Master Your Mind Core Program – $645 Value
  • Intention Setting Video, Exercise + Audios – $30 Value
  • check-circle
    Ongoing Access to a Private Master Your Mind Discussion Forum – $150 Value
  • check-circle
    42 x Recorded Q&A Classes From Past Live Programs (7 per week) – $420 Value
  • check-circle
    1-hour Graduate Refresher Class Replay – $50 Value
  • check-circle
    Graduate Workshop Replay "How to Step into Your Highest Potential" – $75 Value
  • check-circle
    40 x Affirmation, Visualization & Meditation Audios – $39 Value
  • check-circle
    TOTAL VALUE = $1,409

If ‘Master Your Mind’ helped you take back control in just one area of your life what would that be worth to you?

Enroll In Master Your Mind Today

Three program options to help you succeed

One Time


Start the 'Master Your Mind' online program today with a one-time payment of $645.

$645 USD

Total price $645 USD 

(save up to $48)

6x Monthly Installments


Get started today and pay for the program in 6x monthly installments of $110.


Total price $660 USD

11x Monthly Installments


Get started today and pay for the program in 11x monthly installments of $63.


Total price $693 USD

Your registration in Master Your Mind directly provides 450 meals to people in need. Thank you for helping us to make a difference in the world!

payment options
payment options
Master Your Mind Review



Master Your Mind 2017

I am very grateful to have come across Bernadette and joined Master Your Mind. Through the program I became aware of many limiting beliefs that were hiding inside of me for so many years. My patterns were trying to teach me lessons, but only after Master Your Mind I truly started seeing that. The Master Your Mind program helped me with past and current issues that years of therapy alone did not. I would highly recommend the program to anyone who feels like giving up on classic therapy. My perspective changed so powerfully that I started seeing big leaps during my therapy sessions. I was able to identify where my limiting beliefs originated from and got the tools to write, ingrain and apply new positive beliefs. Bernadette answered every question thoroughly during the webinar or in the group area, and the weekly class is something I looked forward to each time. I’m very excited about living my life through these new lenses!

Testimonial Master Your Mind


United States

Master Your Mind 2018

First, I just want to say thank you! Of all of the programs and seminars that I have done (and there have been a lot), Master Your Mind is hands down the one that has made the biggest impact in my life. It has been life changing. It helped me see myself in a way that I had not been able to do for a very long time. You nailed it with the six week format... and lifetime access to the entire program and resources. MYM has given me insights and tools that I will use for the rest of my life. Thank you B!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive anything in the mail?

What happens after I purchase Master Your Mind?

Are my payment details secure when I register?

As this is not a live program, can I get access to the entire program at once?

How long will I have access for?

What if I need help during the program?

What if I want to do the program with live Q&A classes, not replays? When is the next intake of the MYM Live Program?

How can I make the most of this program?

What if the program doesn't meet my needs?

I have a mental health condition. Is this program right for me?

Other People Have Been Mastering Their Minds! Your Time is Now…

Testimonial Master Your Mind



Master Your Mind 2016

I am really happy with the Master Your Mind program; it’s helped me immensely. It helped me release limiting beliefs I had regarding single parenthood and I have now seen the time to move on to Berlin with confidence. For myself, as my family is rather negative, I have been listening to the program AUDIOS every day. I bolster myself a lot as I am exposed to quite a toxic situation, but not long to go now! Also, the program has helped me with not reacting, deep breathing and remaining calm and removing myself (physically) where possible/usually when my boundaries are not being honoured, so other than staying silent, this helps. I have gained inner confidence and am excited about opportunities moving forward again. I feel at peace on my path as a parent and also with my work choices. I no longer seem to be afraid of having a lack of money for my son and I and have managed to amp up my savings DURING the program and taking positive action steps towards moving independently.

Master Your Mind Testimonial


United States

Master Your Mind 2016

I took Bernadette’s Master Your Mind course and am amazed by the difference it is making in my life. Issues that have bothered me, even after many years of therapy in the past, have literally been transformed. For example, I have felt a terrible guilt for many years about certain decisions I made as a young woman but have now revisited those times, through Bernadette’s guidance. I now understand on a visceral level that I can forgive myself and let go of the false negatives beliefs I’ve created because of those choices. That dreadful burden is no longer weighing me down. What a gift! Bernadette’s Daily Positive website is full of resources that support the work we did in the course. She provides a built-in support system so I am certain the positive changes in my life will continue. I am grateful for her generosity and wisdom!

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United States

Master Your Mind 2019

I always wished I could change some things in my past, if there was such a thing. Master Your Mind is as close as you get. I learned how to rewrite the stories of my past, present, and future, all in truth with new vision. It is a magical, empowering and liberating experience. Hands down joining Master Your Mind (and the EvolveHQ membership) is one of the best decisions I have ever made. B teaches you powerful tools you will have with you forever. Bernadette is a brilliant teacher and an amazing human being. She sees you, she gets you and she has your back 1000%. I am so grateful I stumbled upon her and her work. The Daily Positive community is so supportive and the platform is beautiful and easy to navigate, a great user experience. I highly recommend Master Your Mind (and EvolveHQ) for anyone who wants to feel powerful and be in charge of their mind and life. Thank you Bernadette for all you do and shining the light for us all to do the same. Love you! I’m a B fan for life!

Testimonial Master Your Mind


United States

Master Your Mind 2019

I must say it was the best $ I have ever spent!! I truly believe I was supposed to take this course and divine intervention was involved, because life circumstances made it so I had all the time I needed to reflect, do the class work and stock take the materials provided.

What I love about your instruction is that you have already walked this path yourself. You provide insight into what we will be or could possibly be feeling or experiencing at any given time, and what we are experiencing is completely normal. You are also so thorough in your instruction. You leave no stone unturned. You cover who, what, when, why, and how! Whatever questions or concerns we may have you have a resource we can go to for answers. You don’t promise quick fixes. And you even provided follow up guidance after the program was over. But most importantly you can see what I would call your higher power working through you for the higher good of us all!

I wouldn’t change a thing with regard to the program! You were right where I needed you to be in my life at this time, and I will truly be forever grateful.

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United States

Master Your Mind 2016

I am so happy I chose to sign up for the Master your Mind program. This has given me an understanding of how my mind works and has given me the tools to correct my barriers that I have carried with me my entire life. With this program and your guidance I feel much more in control of myself. This is a process, like you always say, however knowing what the root cause is for these unwanted patterns and correcting them feels AMAZING!!! Thank you! I have already and will continue to recommend this program to everybody.

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Master Your Mind 2016

Master Your Mind was life changing for me. Following B’s recommendations and steps I experienced: great leaps in awareness (especially related to the capacity of realizing when my mind is taking the power over me with harmful thoughts), enhanced ability to detect and change those thoughts, and decreased reacting based on limiting beliefs. Better relationships, less unhealthy food ingestion (I now have better choices available/tools to handle undesired overwhelming emotions), and more compassion towards people and myself (love and gratitude for all the way I’ve come through). Overcoming of past traumas thanks to new perspectives based on better belief patterns and honesty with interpretation of facts, more confidence to start my business, less anxiety in daily life hence much better sleep, and better balance between “me” time (reduced massively sense of guilt I had related) and time with others. Increased social life and network as feeling more confident, enhanced clarity on my needs and on who I really am, which I now enjoy very much, and more action taking. Last but not least, lately when I think about having a lifetime partner, I both feel I deserve it and that I have a lot to contribute to the relationship with. Thanks forever B, you are an exceptional human being, and I am deeply grateful to have met you on my path.

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United States

Master Your Mind 2016

I discovered Bernadette’s videos and the affirmations, and within a couple of months I signed up for the Master Your Mind course, and was so impressed with the program, focusing on each area, step by step, that I have struggled with for years with my busy mind and faulty beliefs. I also signed up for the 1-1 coaching because I wanted to hit areas that were sticky, long held beliefs that held me back from forgiving and loving myself. I am so grateful and impressed with Bernadette’s approach. We exchanged emails before the Skype call, she was prepared to cover all the areas I wanted to work on, and our hour was amazing. She can pack so much into an hour and provides an audio, and written summary of the session following our coaching session, that I can listen to and work on each point as long as I needed. This has helped me really focus on the root of my issues, to change my beliefs, and to take action. I have been involved in individual counseling over the past 20 years, and I have never gotten down to such a plan, or made such amazing progress as I’ve made with Bernadette in two 1-1 counseling sessions and the Master your Mind course, in such a short time. She is an amazing coach and teacher. I needed hope that I could be more at peace, and the program and coaching, as well B’s daily inspirations, really opened a door that I wasn’t sure I’d ever find. Thank you so much.

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New Zealand

Master Your Mind 2016

I am so motivated for the next stage in my life, that is taking the actions to cement my new paradigm. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done. I can clearly see that I am becoming a new improved version of my old self and am so excited for what lays ahead in my life. I have absolutely loved working with you. You are so supportive and caring in your approach and never make me feel silly or bad for any questions I ask. Your classes are informative and you are such an easy person to listen to (that is credit to you, as some people aren’t ? I love all your analogies that you use, they are real and specific to what you say and really cement new ideas that we learn. Once again thank you so much.

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United States

Master Your Mind 2016

I felt so much hope when I first stumbled across The Daily Positive community online. After watching a few of Bernadette’s videos on Youtube, I felt compelled to go deeper into the topics Bernadette introduced and signed up for the informational webinar on Master Your Mind. Even the free informational webinar was incredibly helpful to begin to deepen my understanding and awareness of the root causes of my predominant life issues and the reasons why I am struggling. Without hesitation, I signed up for Bernadette’s Master Your Mind program, which turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Bernadette is 1000% committed to seeing me and every single one of her participants transform our paradigm and reach our fullest potential. I was amazed by her lengthy and detailed responses to my questions – showing me that she truly does care and will take the time and energy to show it. The Master Your Mind program is unlike any other personal development material I have ever come across in my 10+ years of exploring this field. The structure, the depth of knowledge and insight, the numerous resources and bonus insights, and Bernadette’s unwavering support have all made this program one that has the power to radically transform every area of life. Many areas of my life have already began radically shifting in positive ways. I have found a new vigor for life and a deeper sense of inner strength in pursuing my goals. I’m thrilled to continue to see the results of my efforts from the MYM program in the weeks to come.

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United States

Master Your Mind 2016

Being a coaching student with Bernadette, I jumped at the chance to sign up for the initial Master Your Mind course, as I was excited that this program was being offered and was confident that the program would have a positive impact on my personal growth. Upon registering, I could not wait to get started on the course.

B delivers on all the course promises, as the materials are extremely comprehensive and well thought out. Each week I looked forward to the release of the new material... The [Q&A] sessions were epic, as B brings the course material to life with her vast knowledge, insight and intuition. B’s coaching skills had a profound effect on the learning process throughout the course. Participants are offered the opportunity to submit questions and B was acutely adept at delving into to the core of the issues at hand and then responds accordingly with such great wisdom and knowledge.

Each week the course takes new steps in a direction that ultimately leads to a personal transformation. I was able to identify all of my limiting beliefs and then become consciously aware when a limiting belief was having an effect on feelings, thoughts, actions or results. I learned through this course how to provide leadership to my mind and embed the truth about who I really am. I was able to take a look at how I was viewing life through those limiting beliefs and went though some comprehensive exercises in the course that led me in viewing life with healthy new beliefs.

Having completed the Master Your Mind course, I find myself now being much more acutely aware of how my mind is operating and feel a sense of mastery in providing leadership to my mind on an ongoing basis. I have found since taking the course that a lot of the worrisome and anxiety producing thoughts I had in the past are now significantly diminished and I now feel at peace and calm a majority of the time. More than anything, the course has boosted my confidence in myself. I have taken back control of how I think, feel and act. I now view life through a set of healthy new beliefs that were outlined in the course. This is having a profound affect with my quality of life and I now find myself relishing with delight when I personally witness myself responding to life with a newer, healthier paradigm.

I would say my life is transformed as a result of the Master Your Mind course. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who may be living their life with some form of limiting beliefs that may be holding them back from fully engaging and loving life. I feel as though I have been given the gift of a new life beginning and fully expect the Master Your Mind course would provide similar results to anyone that participates in the next course offering. The course is also an epic value and will be a transformative experience to those that choose to participate!

Testimonial Master Your Mind

MYM Participant


Master Your Mind 2018

I just wanted to say how I will be recommending your Master Your Mind program to people and I have been doing all along. My life has completely changed since doing the program last year. I am no longer depressed, meditate every day, lost weight without even dieting, and mindfulness is my way of being now. I continued to listen to your mind mastery audios for about 6 months after the program, I love them. I have opened up my business, my children are happier as their mum is a more content and calm mum. I cannot recommend your program highly enough. I hope more people reach out to you. Thank you.

Testimonial Master Your Mind

MYM Participant

United States

Master Your Mind 2019

I just wanted to make sure to tell you how thankful I am for you and Master Your Mind! I have been living with my beliefs all my life, so I am totally aware that the overwriting process will take a while to feel totally done. But please let me tell you I am definitely feeling a huge shift just in the 6 weeks I was in the program.

I always knew that I was my own biggest obstacle, and that I needed to somehow rewire my subconscious in order to get out of my own way. But after years of trying to figure it out, I was no further along than when I started! Enter you, my hero. Your course is so well structured, makes so much sense, and is so powerful! I genuinely enjoyed being a part of the community, and looked forward to each new week with a mixture of excitement and anxiety, as I knew that meant the course was coming closer to the end. You are an absolute joy to listen to, and it shows through your kindness and genuineness how much you love what you do. I never felt for one moment that you weren’t completely invested in each and every one of us, and that speaks volumes about you as a person.

Also, on the subject of my severe anxiety regarding the old trauma and worry about the future… I have to say I’m feeling SO much better! I don’t know if it’s the tapping, surrender/faith, Master Your Mind, or some combination of the three, but the heaviness in my chest I’ve been living with for years is GONE. Gone! I still have fleeting moments where it comes back temporarily, but now I know how to help myself and not let my mind run away with the old story. I can’t even find the words for the relief I feel! Thank you, thank you, thank you SO much from the bottom of my heart. You are amazing and I am so blessed to have met you!

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