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A Tip for How to Stay Positive

Have you noticed that once you get into a negative state, it’s difficult to pull yourself out and return to positivity? This little analogy and tip

Positive Affirmations for Kids

Do you have kids in your life right now? Your own children, nieces/nephews, your neighbors, the kids in your local schools… wherever they are, please share

how to stop procrastinating

How to Stop Procrastinating

Here’s a critical first step and insight for how to stop procrastinating. It’s essential you discover and address what is really going on behind your procrastination behavior if

make peace with your past

How to Make Peace with Your Past

Here is a simple and powerful visualization technique to make peace with your past. Try this out for yourself today, and remember consistency is key, so practice

9 Tips for Managing Stress at Work

Is work stress dragging you down? Too much to do, too little time? Too many demands, unreasonable people and problems… it’s overwhelming, right?! The 9

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