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Is Your Mind Playing Weak?

How often is your mind keeping you small, weak, stuck and off on some unhelpful tangent? Here are 2 questions to regularly ask yourself to

Ways to Shift Your Mood

Here are a couple of simple and practical ways to stimulate your mood, to feel more uplifted, empowered and energized.

Are You the Guardian of Your Mind?

How much negativity are you absorbing? Be conscious of how it may skew your perspective and adversely impact how you feel unnecessarily. It’s time to

When You Just Need to Escape!

Sometimes you just need to escape, and it’s not a bad thing. In this Daily Inspiration we talk about retreating, restoring and rejuvenating with a

A Little Tip for Bedtime

Here’s a little tip for bedtime that I love! Reflect upon what you are feeding yourself just prior to sleep. A small shift in your

Do You Need to Slow Down?

You might be in need of slowing down, to restore and balance. And you know what… you need to give yourself permission to listen to

How Spontaneous Are You?

Did you know that if you’re 100% NOT spontaneous, then you’re quite likely missing out on magic and miracles that are ready to surprise and

A Tip for How to Stay Positive

Have you noticed that once you get into a negative state, it’s difficult to pull yourself out and return to positivity? This little analogy and tip

make peace with your past

How to Make Peace with Your Past

Here is a simple and powerful visualization technique to make peace with your past. Try this out for yourself today, and remember consistency is key, so practice

A Quick Tip for Your Meditation Practice

Do you get frustrated when meditating? Here is a quick tip to support your meditation practice. This is applicable whether you meditate regularly and are advanced in your


How to Get Out of Overwhelm

Done with overwhelm? Struggling to juggle everything? Stressed out with too much to do and too little time? You’re in the right place. A Practical

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