Morning Meditation for Higher Perspective, Personal Power & Inner Peace

This is a guided meditation for your morning ritual, to set you up for a day of higher perspective, personal power and inner peace.

Use this meditation to DETACH from the mind noise and small details of daily life, to rise above it and find that place of clarity, intuition and peaceful bigger picture view. Take that calm and centered energy into your day ahead and feel empowered in all that you do.

With love, Bernadette

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2 Responses

  1. Hello dear Bernadette! One day I was browsing online about positive affirmations and found your 400 positive affirmations youtube video. I start doing it for two weeks now. Before I can often wake up in the middle of night and get anxiety, worries and could’t fall asleep again. After starting listening your affirmations and guided meditations I become much calmer, I can even say that I don’t worry much at all, I can sleep 7 hour straight. I am feeling happier. Thank you so much. I really want to come to your Spain retreat and working really hard towards it. Thank you again!!!
    NM USA

    1. Hi Natallia, that is very exciting to hear, especially that you have reclaimed your sense of calm and your precious sleep time! Thanks for reaching out to share this with me, and I send you love and blessings, and of course a warm welcome to the Spain Retreat if that works for you 🙂 B

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