Motivation for Achieving Goals & Dreams – 7 Tips

7 Tips – Motivation for Achieving Goals

Remember these 7 tips if you're ever feeling unmotivated, doubtful, lacking confidence or unsure what to do when it comes to achieving goals and dreams…

  1. What you desire is no mistake! The goals and dreams you want to achieve are typically born from passions, inspirations and intuition. Those are aspects of your soul speaking to you and through you. Trust what you feel called to and what lights you up!
  2. Focus on “the next most obvious step”. It can be overwhelming to look at the entire process to achieve a goal. While it's important to have that bigger picture, in order to maintain momentum and motivation, remember that any goal or dream is simply a series of steps and all you need to do is take one step at a time!
  3. See what you might be avoiding – if you only look at the things you want to do and are easy to do, and you find yourself not getting traction with your goals and dreams, take a moment to consider if there is anything you're avoiding? Sometimes our fears or anxieties will keep us away from important tasks or focus points that are essential on the journey to achieve a goal. We prefer to stick to what feels good and ignore the reality of what actions need to be taken to really powerfully achieve progress. 
  4. Fall in love with the process! Goals can have us be really “end result” focused. Often when people don't achieve a goal, it isn't for lack of desire for the end result, but instead a dislike of the process/path (actions/tasks) to achieve that end result. If you teach yourself to love the process, the path to the end result, and fall in love with the journey, you'll not only be much happier, but you'll achieve way more wins in your life with goals and dreams as you'll have the stickability to stay with your goals consistently.
  5. Address any fears that may block you from stepping forward into your goals achieved – sneaky fears can end up holding us back. So be sure to check your mindset and emotional system for any shadows that may be keeping you stuck and avoiding goal oriented action. Learning to accept fear as healthy and natural, and learning to dissipate your fears, will support you to move forward more confidently!
  6. Regularly enjoy the good feeling of your aspirational vision! Make sure you take time regularly to “see” your goal achieved (e.g visualization, quantum jumping), imagining yourself in that end result and FEEL how good that feels. If you solely focus on the hard graft of daily actions to achieve your goal, and you don't see results as fast as you want then life can end up feeling like a struggle and you lose motivation fast!
  7. Don't give up! Some goals are achieved rapidly, others take a long time. Be patient and do what you're doing for the love of it. 

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Motivation for Achieving Goals & Dreams - 7 Tips

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