Managing the Monkey Mind: Tips for Not Buying into Negative Thoughts

You're human. You have negative thoughts sometimes.

So does almost everyone on the planet. You're in good company!

Rather than feel bad about how many unwanted thoughts you have, it's important for you to focus instead on how you respond to those thoughts when they arise.

Here are powerful tips to help you with that…

Managing the Monkey Mind – Not Buying into Negative Thoughts

I'd love to hear from you, so leave me a comment below. And definitely let me know if you have any specific questions I can help you with.

  • What types of negative thoughts do you most commonly have?
  • Are there certain situations, people or experiences that trigger your negative thoughts?
  • What feelings do your negative thoughts generate (e.g. fear, anger, anxiety, worry, doubt, lack of confidence).
  • Are you ready to free yourself of this cycle? If so, check out the related resources below to help you!

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8 Responses

  1. Hello Bernadette,

    I’m not sure if the following problem could fall into negative thinking thread, it’s slightly different.
    I have recently moved to a new place alone, and very quickly I have noticed the eerie silence. It didn’t help that at that time youtube was playing horror movie trailers that I couldn’t skip.
    Creepy thoughts slowly seeps in my mind, and now I would shiver in my sleep and sweat like a pig. Everyday dreading the nights.
    I have talked to colleagues and friends hoping they would laugh at my ridiculous fear, in an attempt to alleviate just a little of my condition.
    I bought plants, looking to adopt a cat, use lavender scented products, salt lamp, etc.
    All these measures, but I think it’s my mind that I really need to rectify.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hey Tracy, I hear you 🙂 It’s a fear/anxiety mechanism that’s playing out… thoughts of things that “might happen”, putting you on edge, making you feel uneasy and unsafe to some degree. Here’s my ultimate guide to overcoming fear, which some aspects of might be useful for you. Obviously we can have fear in relation to many different things, but just apply it to your own unique context. Also, below is my guide to EFT “Tapping” which is a powerful technique for dealing with challenging thoughts and difficult feelings. I hope that helps! Best wishes, Bernadette

  2. Right now my family and I are being asked to vacate our home by the end of the month. Finding a home in our price range that is available in our time crunch has left me with very persistent negative thoughts that have left me stressed and overwhelmed. So much so that on my bad days it prevents me from doing college work I have to do. Finding a way to be positive in this situation is VERY difficult

    1. Hey Eleise, yes in a situation like that being positive is challenging, but what I suggest is aiming for present, and calm. It’s not a very positive situation, so it’s hard to be “positive” per se. But rather being present and calm is always available. I’ve put a link below to my article on EFT tapping in case that helps, as tapping is a great way to release the emotions and create calm in the mind and body. https://www.thedailypositive.com/eft-tapping/
      With love,

  3. I have realized recently that I don’t have to dwell in the negative. I can let thoughts flow through me. Thank you for reinforcing the cheeky monkey mind process. !!

  4. I like the idea of driving in the car with it or just letting it drive on by. When you think of the mind as maybe an monkey with ADD – just saying any and every thought that comes in. You don’t have to buy that thought. Next one, please. The hardest part is doing it a lot in the beginning so you can get in the habit.

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