This 90 second video from Sadhguru is powerful.

Does this message ring true for you?

Fear cannot exist in the now.

'An unrealistic perception of life is the basis of fear. People are not willing to live. People are not willing to die. That is their whole predicament. The fear is simply because you are not living with life, you are living in your mind' - SadhguruClick To Tweet

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8 thoughts on “There is No Fear in the Now

  1. Rebecca says:

    I think the theoretical breakdown is spot on. However dealing with fear in the moment it happens is a whole other chapter. I find the most difficult thing about it the fact that your body makes a chemical boost in the brain during the few uncontious seconds before you realize ‘your tap is off’. This creates a sort of shut down to the thinking brain and activates the reptile-brain. This makes logical thinking so hard (if not impossible.) And when one finally gets a grip (even breathing can be difficult in the middle of this imaginary fearstorm) the body still has to break down the adrenaline. (shaky tired body)

    That said, I do think that knowing about the concept/reason why people experience fear in the first place is very valuable! This video helps with that part. In the long run it will help you get back leadership of your body and mind and prevent fear on moments when it doesn’t serve you well.

    A little trick that helps me in ‘reptile-modus’ is to try and deliberately increase the fear experience. It sounds nuts, but it helps instantly. I’m like; yeah, let’s bring on this fear (acknowledging it’s presence) and let’s make it WAY more intense (like trying to flex a muscle) I’m not sure why, but it helps. Fear doesn’t seem to like to be in the spotlight on the stage of my mind. ???? And after that I compliment myself on bravery.

    Hope it’ll help someone who reads this ????

    • Bernadette Logue says:

      Hey Rebecca, yes indeed, the understanding of fear is one thing, but in the moment it hits… we face another chapter of the fear-saga! How to calm ourselves when our mind is running riot and our body is in fight/flight. The most powerful tool for this that I’ve ever come across, is EFT (tapping). It’s “next level” in terms of signalling your brain and body that you’re safe (beyond the way that slow diaphragmatic breathing does this). Here’s an article about tapping in case it interests you. It’s game-changing…

      • Rebecca says:

        Thank you B, I learned about tapping through your free class on YouTube about fear. I have been using it ever since. Fortunately I don’t have a lot of panic moments anymore in my life. But when it hits, I really need a quick action to stop the adrenaline before I can even get to fysical state where I am even able to tap (I tried, but it ended in me frantically trying to remember all tappingpoints, sounds really dumb now, but in such a moment my brain just doesn’t work right anymore for a like 2 minutes, scary stuff) maybe by practicing tapping (I do it on all other suitable occasions). It’ll help me eventually in my darkest minutes as well.

        • Bernadette Logue says:

          Hey Rebecca, oh that’s great you know and use tapping. Yes I do find that it’s key to practice these things in less frantic/dramatic times, so that when we hit the lowest and darkest points, we are already very familiar with the tools and it’s easy to apply them. Nothing worse than being in a dark moment and trying hard to recall what you heard/learned some time ago, it only adds to the frustration and upset! 🙂

  2. Mirjam says:

    Love it, he explains the necessary perception of the concept. If you look at your fear from a little distance, you’ll see that you are able to handle it. Fear is not you, it’s just teasing you. Once you realise that you are above it (your emotions or (overwhelming) feelings), you’ll see that you are stronger and able to lift yourself out of a situation.

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