It's bound to happen at some stage in your life that you will end up outgrowing relationships that you've been in for a long time, and realising they no longer work for you.

After all, you're growing and changing all the time, and so are other people. So relationships that once resonated may simply no longer fit. It's a very natural part of life.

Sometimes we have relationships (e.g intimate, social, professional) that are still in our life right now simply because they have always been there. They continue to linger from the past because we haven't made a conscious choice otherwise.

It could be that outgrowing relationships means you're no longer feeling connected to that person, your values or interests seem different or you just no longer “gel” with the person. Or more seriously it may be an unhealthy relationship that is actually negative, draining and dragging you down.

Here are a few ideas about outgrowing these relationships – what I call “Legacy Relationships” – including assessing when it's time to make changes in alignment with your intuition, and how to move onward.

Outgrowing Relationships – Knowing When to Move On

With love, Bernadette

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2 thoughts on “Outgrowing Relationships – How to Know When it’s Time to Move On

  1. Sue F says:

    A great video thanks B! I needed to let go of family of origin relationships which had become toxic and negative. Understandably there was a huge backlash from other family members who didn’t want the status quo to be upset. Some family members have not spoken to me in years, others have just drifted away. But the good thing is that it has made space for others to come into my life.

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