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putting people in boxesvideo

Watch What Happens When We Stop Putting People in Boxes

So many of us become conditioned to judging other people based on superficial criteria. It happens so subconsciously and rapidly, that we don't even...
Self belief

6 Practical, Game-Changing Tips for Creating Genuine Self Belief

If you're in need of more self belief, here are 6 powerful tips to boost you.These are practical and game-changing ways to generate genuine belief in yourself...
life challenges

6 Reminders for Staying Strong During Life Challenges

 If life challenges are knocking on your door, or they've already moved on in and seem to be making themselves at home (!!), I've got 6 empowering reminders...
Positive Perspectives

10 Powerfully Positive Perspectives for a Better Life & a Better World

Being positive is not about denying difficu​​​​​lties in life, rather it’s about choosing to be empowered in the face of them. Here are 10...


Positive Affirmations Audiovideo

400+ Powerfully Positive Affirmations Audio

Enjoy this 400+ powerfully positive affirmations audio to shift your beliefs, retrain your thinking and uplift your energy. Take the 30 Day Challenge With over 1.1 million plays -...

6 Practical Ways To Maintain Focus While Working From Home

Working from home offers you many perks that can't be experienced from a regular job. You can enjoy flexible working schedules, and you have...
work life balance for mothers

6 Ways To Achieve Work-Life Balance For Mothers

It’s not easy looking after your family and household while you are also juggling a full-time job. The Center for American Progress revealed that...

Spend 20-Minutes A Day Simplifying Your Life

As someone who often finds herself overwhelmed, I have learned the secret to lessening stress can be found in simplifying my surroundings.My family has...

The Important Difference Between Guilt And Conviction

This world sometimes feels dark, and it's easy to get lost in the fog of shame and guilt. We want to do good, but...

The Best Tool For Business Success: The Best Self Journal

Everyone is looking for ways to build success in their business, but few know where to begin. Goal setting can be difficult once we...

Find Your Niche: Zero In On Your Market

Small business owners have a lot on their plates these days. Not only do they have to be on top of strategy, sales, and...



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