Here's a powerful quote and a tip for how to cope when you're around people behaving badly.

Instead of getting caught up in their negativity vortex, approach it like this instead…

A Tip for Coping with People Behaving Badly

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With love, Bernadette

'Don't let people pull you into their storm. Pull them into your peace' - Anon.Click To Tweet

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12 thoughts on “A Tip for Coping with People Behaving Badly

  1. Adele says:

    I am so glad I listen to your audios and listen to what is being said. I am thankful for u. U R so wise at your age, but thank God for u. Everything I have read of your go into practice. ❤️??

  2. Berni. says:

    “B” I Just want to say your post are perfect for me.
    You are so down to earth, and the information you share is always so easy to take in. Your approach is so Common Scence.
    So thank you again you have a huge difference to my life much appreciated. Enjoy your travelling
    Love from Berni B. x

  3. Lynn says:

    I feel like you were meant to be in my daily life Bernadette. I was told I needed a Psychiatrist as well as my medical Doctor. Long story short I have been put on new meds which will take time but your realism, expertise & mostly understanding has helped me immensely. I love the daily message; first thing I look for each day. I am amazed at your absolute gift of truly knowing just how we all interpret & deal with life & you are able to explain & speak as tho you really “know” each person. You are amazing. Thank you
    for pursuing this career. You are so needed❤️?

  4. Rebecca says:

    Love this one! I made a screenshot from the quote and saved it on my phone as a reminder for times in need. Thank you for inspiring me over and over again, B. No one before you has truly managed to do this on such a regular bases with such profound insights. Keep it coming ♡

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