Trying to be perfect is a hiding to nothing.

Sure, we might want to feel like we've “got it all together” but watch carefully how far that actually goes, as we judge ourselves and compare ourselves to others while trying to achieve some version of perfection (in ourselves and in our life) that doesn't actually exist.

Too many people get accidentally sucked into the perfection vortex, with images promoted by advertising and with what society tells them is successful and good.

So in this vlog we get real about what life is really like and what it's really about, for everyone.

Let's scratch the surface of that plastic veneer of perfection and embrace our glorious mess!

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With love, Bernadette

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2 thoughts on “Here’s Why You Should Stop Striving for Perfection

  1. Guy says:

    Struck a nerve with me…Out of a need to seek the approval of others,In the past I would hide any shameful feeling about my life condition/ circumstances and put on a facsade that all is perfect. By doing so,I was not allowing others to see and know my genuine self, which led to being isolated from others. I see now where hiding this shame held me back from growing in meaningful ways and finding true freedom. Thank you for your message that it is ok to be less than perfect, ok to show the world the real self.

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