Personalized Daily “I AM” Affirmations

Each morning ask yourself, “If I could believe, think or feel one thing about myself today that would make a valuable difference, would what it be?”

Insert your answer, keeping it short and simple – “That I am __________”

Once you have chosen your “I AM” statement, simply listen to this 4-minute audio, and repeat your personalized statement after every “I AM” prompt you hear. You can say it inside your own mind or say it aloud.

For example, perhaps you want to ingrain that you are calm and confident for a meeting you are attending. If so, you could repeat “calm and confident” after every “I AM” prompt in the audio.

Or if you want to be more present and grateful for the day ahead, you could repeat “present and grateful”.

Or if you want to feel empowered when dealing with a difficult person, you could repeat “empowered when I'm around _______ (insert name)”.

Or if you want to create new career opportunities and prosperity for yourself, you could repeat “receiving new career opportunities and enjoying prosperity”.

Or if you want to heal yourself physically, mentally or emotionally, you could repeat “healed in mind, body and spirit right now”

You can use this “I AM” affirmations audio below every morning, and personalize it to your unique needs that day, to set yourself up for success.

To share your feedback or questions, please scroll down to leave a comment below and I will reply back as soon as possible.

Warmest wishes, Bernadette

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