Feeling stressed?

No matter what's going on in your life and no matter what level of stress you are experiencing, this affirmations audio has been designed to bring your mind and body back to centre balance to release tension and to rewire your mind in a new and powerful direction.

Listen every day for 30 days or until you feel a definite shift.

Feedback from People Using this Affirmations Tool

  • “It actually helped me sleep last night. Thank you your work helps so many people.”
  • “It helps me so much with my panic attacks.”
  • “That really really touched my soul.”
  • “Thank you for giving me words when I need them most. Thank you for providing a wealth of affirmations to lead the way back to clarity in the midst of challenges.”
  • “I am listening to this audio during my husband's surgery. It really helps me relax.”

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Transcript of 200 Power Affirmations for Stress

Deep breathing calms me
As I take deep and slow breaths, my body signals my mind to calm
I am relaxed
Even when circumstances around me are difficult, I am safe
I am safe and calm
I am supported
I am relaxed
I am capable
I am peaceful
My body is at ease
All the cells of my body are listening to me
My mind and body are working together for my calm and wellbeing
My cells take their cue from me
I command my body to relax
It is safe to relax
It is safe to let go of tension
As my body lets go of tension right now, my cells are restoring
I am in restoration mode
I am regenerating
I am relaxing
I am re-energising
Everything I see around me in life is simply a scene that I observe
As I observe those scenes, I have a point of power
My point of power is in how I interpret what is happening
My mind only chooses interpretations that support my wellbeing
Even when I interpret challenges as challenges, I am still able to remain calm
Challenges are not wrong or awful, they are simply natural bumps in the road of life
I am more powerful than anything I face in life
When I see a challenge, I breathe deeply into calm
My slow and deep breathing tells my body I am safe
When my body knows I am safe, I have more energy to calmly deal with a situation
I am not my mind
I am not my thoughts
I am the awareness that can observe my mind's behavior and the thoughts that constantly occur
I don't buy into thoughts that are negative
I don't buy into thoughts that automatic, limiting and harmful
I observe those types of thoughts and watch them go through my mind like a conveyor belt
I instead choose to create an interpretation of situations which works better for me
As I perceive a situation, noticing any automatic thoughts, and calmly choosing better thoughts, I relax
My mind really wants my leadership
My higher awareness is the wisest part of me.
From my awareness I provide leadership to my mind
I tell my mind what is helpful to think about and what is not
I interrupt unhelpful thought patterns
All thought patterns which generate stress response are unhelpful
I am capable of choosing thoughts which are accurate, logical, powerful and calming
I am a victor and I choose to be one in all situations
My mindset is what frees me from any restriction
My mindset supports my calm
My attitude towards any situation is what dictates how that situation impacts me
I am the master of my mind
I am the master of my attitude
I choose the type of interpretation I give to any situation
My recurring thoughts are what give rise to the majority of my feelings and my feelings impact my body
I choose recurring thoughts that work for me, that help to generate calm feelings and thus a balanced body
I meditate every day to create stillness in the body and to encourage stillness in my mind
I watch any thoughts that arise in meditation and notice them then let them go
I focus on my breathing while meditating, as a way to calm and focus my mind
Whenever I notice my mind wandering in meditation, which is natural, I simply refocus my attention on my breathing
With my eyes closed, breathing in and out my nose, I follow the air coming into my nose and lungs and out again
My breathing is gentle, slow and calm, it lulls me into a stillness that is peaceful and relaxing
My mind always takes instruction from me
My body takes instruction from my mind
I provide leadership to my mind to let go of noise and tension
I command my mind to focus it's power in areas that help me
I direct my mind to interpret and respond to life with power
As my mind rises up powerfully, my body enjoys the positive empowering thoughts
My body releases tension in response to empowered thoughts and self-talk
My mind and body are an intelligent team
I guide them to work to my highest benefit.
I am the one who gets to choose how I think and how I feel as a result
I am the victor of my life and I choose to think things that support me and I feel better as a result
I am the master of my mind, the leader of my thought patterns and the leader of my life
I am immensely powerful
I am capable of overcoming anything in life
I choose to own my power
No matter what goes on around me, I remember my own power
I have the power to choose
I choose how I respond
I choose to own my power
I choose the way I interpret other people and situations
I choose the thoughts I fill my mind with
I choose to interrupt any patterns in my mind that don't work for me
I am relaxed
I am calm
I am at ease
I am peaceful
I left stress behind and do not pick it up again
It is a choice I made
When I feel tension in my mind and body, I know it's a signal to breathe deeply, interrupt the pattern and choose again
I choose well
I make good choices
My power is never in the hands of other people, situations or life, it rests fully in my hands
I am an empowered person
I am strong and capable
I am the master of my life
I am capable of managing all things in life
I am bigger, better and stronger than any challenges in life
I accept where I stand and feel my inner power
Any challenges in life are natural, everyone has them in different ways
I accept my situation fully and own my power in this moment
I am more than enough
I am capable
I am worthy and deserving of peace, power and prosperity
I am healthy and balanced
I have balance in my mind, body and life
I have let go of all tension
My body and mind are at ease
I feel my power inside of me
I carry this power everywhere
This power I have inside of me is unbreakable and permanent
I breathe deeply and slowly every day as a ritual for calm and balance
My body responds immediately to my deep breathing
My body knows I am safe and well and free when I breathe deeply
My mind calms when my body feels that safety
My mind and body operate in a cycle, they can support each other through this breathing
I always visualise myself as powerful
I always see myself in my minds eye with a bright light inside of me that emanates in all directions
I always relate to myself as strong and unbreakable
I am bulletproof
I am powerful
I am peaceful
I am like a glorious mountain basking in the sunshine, strong and majestic
No matter what is going on around me, I am the power in me to rise
I am anchored deeply to my power
I have everything I need inside of me
I believe in myself
I am supported in ways beyond what my mind can conceive and my eyes see
I am more capable than I even realise
I have such depth of power and strength that continue to unfold in my life
Every time I breathe in my body is filled with energy and as I breathe out tension is released
I let go all tension
My muscles are relaxed
My shoulders are relaxed
My face is relaxed
I relax my jaw
I relax my eyes
My eyelids are gentle and peaceful
My cheeks are totally relaxed
My stomach is totally relaxed and my belly gently rises as I breathe in and gently falls as I breathe out
I always find space to sit quietly for 5 minutes to breathe and remind myself of my power
I always remember that taking 5 minutes to breathe slowly and deeply and remember my power makes me so much more effective
I start every day telling myself I am relaxed, peaceful, calm and effective
I remind myself as I get ready each morning that I am powerful and unbreakable
There is more than enough time in every day for what is important
I remember that actually there are only a few very important things in life
While lots of things look important, I know that there are core things that are more important
My mindset is very important and I own it, and nothing can ever stop me from this one important thing
My body and my health are very important and breathing deeply is immensely healing and powerful for my wellbeing
I take care of myself each day – I drink water and eat food that helps me to be nourished and strong
I love myself.
Loving myself is immunity
I love myself because I am as loveable, worthy, deserving, complete and powerful as the day I was born
The Universe does not make mistakes and every baby is born complete and powerful in itself
I was born that way and nothing has changed. I am as complete and powerful right now as the day I was born
I remind myself of this regularly
I am unchangeable and that powerful
Even when I face challenges, I guide my mind to remember the truth of who I am
I love myself
I am whole and complete
I am supported
I am loved
I am capable
I am good enough
I am unbreakable
My mindset works for me
I think thoughts that help me
I interrupt patterns that don't work for me and feed myself better ones
I feel peaceful
I feel calm
I choose calm
I tell my mind to be calm
I tell my body to be calm
I reinforce that message with slow deep breathing
My mind and body take direction from me
The messages I tell myself support a calm, relaxed and strong self
I know how important my self-talk is
All of my actions come out of how I think and feel
When I think and feel in calm and strong ways, I take better actions
My actions help me to get the results that I want
It all starts inside of me
I rise to challenges and through them because of my chosen mindset
I achieve my goals because of my chosen mindset
I have trained my mind and body with these messages to be peaceful, calm, relaxed and powerful
I am an effective person
I am powerful
I rise up every morning and remember the light shines brightly within me, it guides me through each day
I choose calm and effective living
Calm and effective living is available to me always
Calm and effective living is not dependent on circumstances at all
I am one of the successful people who knows this truth and lives by it
I create my own calm
I create my own effectiveness at all times
Nothing and no one impacts upon that
I am a powerful creator of my reality
I choose my interpretation and my thoughts, and those feed my feelings and actions that lift me up
I breathe deeply and slowly every day as a ritual for calm and balance
I am a calm, powerful and effective person

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