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40 Audios to Transform Your Mindset, Release Limitation, & Uplift You

The Positive Affirmations & Guided Meditations Master Audio Set will give you the practical tools you need for creating any type of positive change in your life.

  • Tired of living with limiting beliefs about yourself, your life and what is possible?
  • Weighed down by negative thoughts holding you back from peace, happiness and success?
  • Trying to create positive changes but your mind seems intent on reliving the past?
  • Feeling lost, alone, sad, confused, frustrated or upset?
  • Struggling with stress, tension, illness, grief, life difficulties or negative people?
  • Feeling disconnected from your soul and intuition?

Why is My Mind Torturing Me?!

Your mind is the most powerful form of entrapment and limitation you will ever experience. It is also the sole answer to your sustainable inner peace, freedom, happiness and success. In other words, within the very problem, exists the solution!

There are stages you go through on the path to changing your mindset. One vital step is becoming aware of yourself. You start to notice the things inside that hold you back… what you believe, what you think, how you feel and what you do, and you want to take ownership of that and change it for the better. Awesome!

And, we’re sure you’d agree that this initial self-awareness is critical, as a starting point, but that automatically leads on to the next question… HOW do I change those beliefs and thoughts, and the flow on feelings and actions that stem from them?

It’s not quite as easy as just “being aware” and then all of a sudden your inner dialogue changes! Nor is it as simple as choosing a positive thought and holding onto it. Right? We know you’ve tried that, because we have too, and so have all our clients, and we know that that alone it is not a robust method for shifting ingrained beliefs and thought patterns.

You can be enjoying your day with a high level of self-awareness, consciously choosing positive thoughts that you know make you feel good, and then… all of a sudden unexpectedly you notice your thinking has reverted to old patterns! It feels like you’re back to square one again. Then you get frustrated with yourself, and wonder why this keeps happening and on it goes.

You’re not alone in that experience.

Here at The Daily Positive we offer a solution to help you out of the cycle and into a transformed mindset…

Leave the Past Behind & Enter A New Reality

Imagine what it would be like to hear positive messages running through your mind each day, even when you are not listening to the audios (they have a beautiful way of echoing even when you are not listening to them!)

Imagine how uplifting it would feel to be genuinely amped about yourself and your life, and to see the world through new limitless eyes.

Imagine being able to release tension, stress and worry from your mind and body whenever you want, without any effort, to reset yourself to balance on demand.

Imagine facing a challenge and being shocked by how peaceful and powerful you feel in the face of it, as if you are a master of calm, presence, solutions and positive thinking.

Imagine bringing a truly elevated, empowered and evolved perspective to your family relationships, social circle, professional networks, job/business and community. The world needs more leaders like that, and you are one of those leaders waiting to be fully unleashed!

Transform Your Mindset

Transforming your mindset, or what we often refer to as “your paradigm” (the way you see the world through the filter of your beliefs and thought patterns), is critical to attaining the inner and outer results you want.

The Daily Positive’s Self-Actualization Master Set of Audios (25 positive affirmation audios & 15 guided meditation and visualization audios) is designed to trigger and support that transformation process.

Here’s what it takes to achieve a transformed mindset…

  1. Accurate, uplifting, divinely guided, age-old truthful perspectives (reflective of your SOUL nature, and directly intended for balanced mind-body-spirit thriving) to replace the stale, old and warped limiting beliefs and thought patterns you have been accidentally conditioned to live with until now, and
  2. Frequent, consistent and unwavering repetition of those positive perspectives, over and over again in a way that releases the hardy grip of the old beliefs/thoughts and dissolves their energy, while at the same time embedding new perspectives that take root and tip the balance, becoming more powerful.
  3. Acting upon those healthy new positive perspectives in your daily life, to reinforce them as “real” through action creating results, thus introducing new evidence to further support and embed the mindset.

Points 1. and 2. above are the toughest, because…

  • You only know what you know, and your life to date will be littered with experiences that formed your limiting paradigm (beliefs/thoughts patterns) in the first place, so you need to reach OUTSIDE of yourself to access the accurate perspectives you are missing, to change your mindset and see life from a new viewpoint, to enter a new reality.
  • You need tools that will easily help you to repeat and reinforce these perspectives, because your mind will want to carry on its own merry way, like it always has, and you can’t rely on your mind to change itself. It is from your higher self-awareness that you consciously choose now to set yourself up for success with rituals and tools that will provide leadership to your mind, to guide it into a new paradigm.

Point 3. above regarding action, without beating around the bush or any BS, comes down 100% to YOU. You are the only one living in your shoes, and totally responsible for your actions. So the 3rd point in the “how to transform your mindset” process is completely about your choices of how to behave and what actions to take. BUT GUESS WHAT?! You only behave the way you do, and take the actions you do (or take no action as the case may be) because of your beliefs and thought patterns. They are the foundation, the lens through which you see life, and they determine how you interpret and filter everything that is going on around you, and therefore have a MASSIVE impact on the natural flow-on choices, behavior and actions you take.

The Daily Positive’s Self-Actualization Master Set of Audios, containing 25 positive affirmations audios and 15 guided meditation/visualization audios, nails points 1. and 2. above for you (accurate messages and repetition), and has a profoundly positive impact on point 3. (the way you are inclined to behave and act). Get ready for inside-out transformation…

The audios contain all the perspectives your mind needs to receive, and they provide a super simple, easy and inspiring way of regularly repeating the messages… simply plug-in, listen, relax and let the audios work their magic!

What People are Saying About The Master Audio Set

I listen to it several times a day. It starts my day. It ends my day. It sustains me during my day. It’s a glorious mix of beautiful thoughts and affirmations.

When I had finished listening to your guided meditation my face was streaming with tears and I felt so light as if a burden had been lifted. Thank you.

I look forward to hearing my daily affirmations. They have helped me cultivate some seriously good juju in my life. Endless thanks!!

I have a long commute to work, and these audio tracks are such a wonderful way to make positive use of the time spent in the car each day.

I can say that Bernadette’s affirmations are a wonderfully empowering reminder of my place here on the earth. They help me to remember that I do not need validation for my existence, that I am good enough just as I am! With that freedom to quit worrying so much, less weight, I feel more able to complete my daily tasks. Somehow it has also begun to relieve me of my illusion of timing and time pressures, also. All will come together in due time is the feeling I get. I like that whenever I feel myself slipping into negativity (and I am getting better at that awareness, too!) I can always listen to an audio and remember…the truth, because they really are just affirming what is true already. I am now better able to imagine the possibilities of what I am capable of… let go of the naysaying and just feel free to be.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

All of The Daily Positive's audios come with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. We are completely committed to providing you with high quality products and if for any reason you are not satisfied, we wholeheartedly encourage you to contact us:

FOR BEST RESULTS WITH ALL AUDIOS: Use regularly and utilize a headset for listening.

Invest In Yourself & Make A Difference

By choosing to transform your mindset for success, you're also creating a positive ripple effect in the world. When you invest in the Master Audio Set, your purchase of these audios directly supports 20 meals reaching people in need. We donate to a leading national hunger non-profit who work diligently through their network of food banks, food pantries and meal programs to get nourishing food to those struggling to provide for themselves and suffering hunger, including the most vulnerable in our communities such as children and the elderly. Full details of how your purchase makes a difference is on our Giving Back page.

The Complete Affirmations & Meditation Toolkit

Get Instant Access to All 40 Audios

In this Self-Actualization Master Set you receive all of the following audios in high quality mp3 download to listen offline, on-the-go whenever and wherever:

Affirmations Audios Set

15 Guided Meditation Audios

  • 7-Minute Daily Breathing Meditation for Presence & Calm
  • 6-Minute Daily Visualization to Support Goal Achievement
  • 8-Minute Empowerment & Self Love Meditation
  • Guided Sleep Meditation for Peaceful, Restful & Rejuvenating Sleep
  • Morning Big Picture Meditation for Higher Perspective, Inner Peace & Personal Power
  • Calming Meditation in Uncertain Times for Inner Peace, Trust, Faith & Allowing
  • Healing White Light Meditation for Stress Relief, Inner Peace & Healing
  • Speak to Your Soul Meditation for Connecting to Higher Self, Strengthening Intuition & Clarity
  • Energy Clearing Meditation for Releasing Negative Energy & Elevating Your Vibration
  • Release People from Your Life Meditation for Cutting Energy Connections & Freeing Yourself
  • Morning Ritual: A Powerful Conversation with the Universe
  • Body Balancing & Healing Meditation
  • 15 Minute Chill Out Meditation for Overwhelm and Stress Relief
  • Meditation for Releasing Grief & Finding Peace
  • Box Up Your Trouble Visualization for Surrender

25 Positive Affirmations Audios

  • 150 Calming Affirmations for Nerves Before an Important Moment
  • 200 Power Affirmations for How to Deal with Stress
  • 300 Money Affirmations for Prosperity Mindset
  • 160 Affirmations to Transform Fear of Public Speaking
  • Positive Affirmations to Replace the Daily News
  • 100 Affirmations to Amp Your Energy
  • 400+ Powerfully Positive Affirmations x 2 versions of this popular audio (overlapping tracks and single track)
  • 166 Spiritual Truth Affirmations
  • 300+ Power Affirmations for Career/Professional Success
  • 200 Affirmations for Weight Loss Support & Positive Body Image
  • 150 Affirmations for Love & Soul Companionship
  • 120 Interactive Positive Affirmations for Thriving
  • 120 Positive Affirmations for Health & Healing
  • 120 Positive Affirmations for Confidence & Self-Belief
  • 150 Positive Affirmations for Mothers & Fathers
  • 120 Interactive Positive Affirmations for Kids
  • 850 Positive Affirmations Compilation
  • 6 Individual Letting Go Affirmations Audios: Let Go of the Past Affirmations, Let Go of Resistance Affirmations, Let Go of Negative Reactions Affirmations, Let Go of Needing Validation Affirmations, Let Go of Numbing Habits Affirmations, Let Go of Excuses Affirmations
  • Plus the Letting Go Affirmations Compilation (one track combining all 6 above individual audios)
  • Daily I AM Personalized Affirmations

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25 x Affirmation Audios

15 x Meditation Audios

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Your purchase makes a difference. For every purchase from The Daily Positive we make a contribution to this month's chosen charity.


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