Afraid of public speaking? Small group, large group, any group – terror strikes your heart, and you'd rather jump off a cliff? I've got you covered.

I used to feel that way too before I took control of my mind and body. Understanding what the mind and body does when it goes into fight-or-flight response at even the mention of a fear trigger, this affirmations audio is designed to wire your mind in a whole new direction – to perceive yourself and public speaking in a new way… in a non-scary way!

Whatever you repetitively and consistently feed your mind, your mind will start to absorb and take on-board, shifting your paradigm. We are going to transform your mindset so that your mind and your body support you to speak publicly with greater confidence and control. 

Listen every day for 30 days, preferably using a headset for listening. Listen again intensively whenever you are about to undertake any public speaking to bring these messages to the forefront of your mind and to activate both your mind and the cells of your body to operate together powerfully as a team in your chosen direction… 

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  1. Bernadette you are a Wee Angel couldn’t come at a better time as now embark on my journey with stem renu a product that may change. Lives .Public speaking is a big past of it you have given me the keys from the Devine source to be peaceful to do this ,as you say born to do this and own it .Bless you for your help . Fergus the Emerald Isle

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