You have the power to change your life by the positive energy you bring to each day.

Here's what you most need to know about energy:

  • Everything about YOU is energy – including your beliefs, thoughts and feelings.
  • The world around you is also purely energy – everything and everyone you see, and everything you can't see!
  • You are living in an energetic world, underpinned by energetic laws. Some people call these the Laws of the Universe.
  • Your personal energy is always “speaking” to the Universe (the energy around you). You imprint your energy on the world as you go about your daily life – projecting your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, choices, behavior and actions. You are like a radio tower giving off signals!
  • That frequency of energy you put out is being “received” by life (by the energetic Universe that you're a part of), rippling outward and creating impacts on the world around you. This influences what you experience and your outcomes.
  • And most importantly the energy you put out is telling life WHAT YOU WANT MORE OF.

Your Positive Energy Attracts More Positive Energy!

If you hold positive energy, you're telling the Universe that you want more of that same type of positivity in your life. This has the power to create beneficial results, and it attracts in more energy of that same kind (e.g. positive people, positive opportunities, synchronicities and flow).

If you hold negative energy, you're essentially telling the Universe (energetically) that you want more of that same type of negativity (eek!). This has the power to create difficulties, and it attracts more energy of that same kind (e.g. negative people, challenges and other frustrations).

This is called the Law of Attraction, which you've undoubtedly heard about!

You attract and repel energetically on this basis. You experience more of whatever matches your own energy.

It's not new-age. It's not spiritual. It's not something you believe in or don't believe in.

It's just energy and how energy works.

Now, of course you don't ever INTEND to put out negative energy.

It's not like you would do that on purpose… but nevertheless, that is what's happening if you're consistently believing and thinking in limited ways, feeling bad, choosing, behaving and doing things in a negative way. You're unconsciously projecting a message to the Universe that says “send me more of this funky bad energy!”

The Confusion Many People Have

The challenge many people have is that they SAY positive things, and say they want positive things, but they don't really believe what they're saying, and/or they don't FEEL that way.

And, the Universe is not listening to just what you say you want. It is paying attention to overall energy vibration – based on what you believe, think, feel, say, choose and do.

Remember – the Universal Laws are based on ENERGY.

The Universe doesn't come and ask you what you really meant before delivering results to you!

So… you're responsible for ensuring that whatever ENERGY you bring to each day is a very clear message to the Universe, and that it corresponds to what you actually want.

Dr Wayne Dyer gave us this beautiful saying to sum it up…

'You don't get what you want, you get what you are' - Dr Wayne Dyer Click To Tweet

How to Check What Energy You're Projecting

The easiest way to know what type of energy you are actually projecting into the world is to ask yourself one question…


Your feelings are a very quick way to gauge whether your energy is positive or negative.

Positive Energy Doesn't Happen by Mistake

The most important decision you make each morning is what energy you choose to bring to the world that day.Click To Tweet

Remember… you have the power to consciously choose and cultivate positive energy.

People with positive energy (who hold that on a reasonably consistent basis), don't end up that way by mistake.

They create it for themselves.

If you want to be happier, to have more flow in your life, to overcome challenges, to find solutions, to achieve your goals, to have awesome people around you, to have love, opportunities, adventure and success – get VERY INTERESTED in your energy and learn how to dial it up to positive on a daily basis.

The Power of Your Positive Energy

Here's a vlog from my Daily Inspiration video series on this very topic…

'Life is not happening to me. I am happening to life' - Bernadette LogueClick To Tweet

Scroll down to leave me a comment below and let me know what from this article or video resonates most with you, and how you might use your energy to create new possibilities in your life.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Love, Bernadette

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20 Responses

  1. This has been very helpful and starting the day with positive thoughts and smiling does make a difference. My life is changing to good people around me And many opportunities for my career goals. Thanks,

  2. This is the most amazing bit of information i have ever read!I am going to print it off and carry it around with me;use it like a mantra! Thankyou

  3. This was a powerful message I will be applying to my life. I fled domestic violence so I want to transform my life.
    I am a survivor. Thank You B I found this on the right day.

  4. Very insightful. I have one question. What if most everything in your life is the positive mirror of what one puts out into the world yet one relationship doesn’t flow positively half the time?

    1. Hi Kat, well… relationships are rarely all plain sailing, and can most definitely be up and down, the very nature of evolving together. We often learn so much together through the vehicle of relationship. So long as there is mutual interest in resolving challenges and growing together. If however there are repeated serious issues and no interest in resolution, then we also have to remember relationships can be season, reason or lifetime. We have to assess whether a relationship serves us, and if it’s healthy and aligned to stay in it. Trust your intuition 🙂

  5. As always, thank you from my heart for the work you have done and continue to do – sharing your goodness….
    Love this…

    Romy. 🙂

  6. Hi Bernadette,

    I just happened see your website link as I was looking up ‘Positive Energy/Self Talk’. I have been going through ALOT of negative experiences in life, because I have been hurt, self doubts, depression and turning towards alcohol to ‘feel’ better. I am now realizing that what you say on positive energy is true. I appreciate you expanding and explaining this more. We can have all the help in the world, but if you are constantly in self-doubt, speaking to yourself that you can’t do this – I am stupid, etc, blaming others (sending out negative energy) you will attract that same lower level energy. I am now speaking positive things about myself, taking care of my self better, and making a productive effort to get back to who I was really meant to be! I will be looking at your videos and keep that sheet of paper with positive outlines to say out loud to myself everyday. Bless you 🙂

    1. Hey Rick, wow those are powerful insights and great self awareness, thank you for sharing, and so glad this video was useful. I also have lots of affirmation audios that people find helpful for keeping their mindset and energy in a positive direction (for daily listening), in case it interests you here is one of the most popular audios (free to download)…
      Love and best wishes

  7. Good evening Bernadette, I am doing the “conversations with the universe” every morning to teach me to be positive
    and to start my day on a positive note. It guides me to communicate with the universe which gives me even more self-confidence. Thank you, I am doing much better. Keep well. Susan. South Africa

  8. Thank you Bernadette. This is my first I am reading an article of yours but this is something I have always believed to be true. My fiance is dealing with inner turmoil that I believe is based in negative energy and I will be showing her this article in hopes it can assist her.

    Thank you for you wise words

  9. Thanks a lot Bernadette, I just Saw your post , I have been having negative thoughts lately , I believe the universe actually listens thanks for the message, i really appreciate it.

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