Tax season is drawing to a close and for many of us, that brings feelings of relief.

We can cast aside anxiety and dread until next year, when the tax man comes calling again.

If you find yourself celebrating this year with a refund, you've probably already come up with a hundred ways to spend it. Home improvements, some new clothes, paying off debt or finally buying that expensive item you've been eying since Christmas. But what if this year, instead of spending it all on yourself, you used your hard earned refund to help someone in need?

We've found some awesome organizations that can take even the smallest donation and turn it into a life-changing event for people around the globe.

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1. The Water Project

The Water Project's goal is to provide sustainable and clean water to millions of people in Africa. Unlike other organizations, they are involved in the entire process of bringing water to needlessly suffering Africans. They learn about each community, provide education to ensure long term sustainability, handle the permitting and installation of each water well and maintain follow ups to keep each well running. Your donations can help a person focus on unlocking their own potential, instead of worrying about where they will find clean water every day.

2. Destiny Rescue

The horrors of sex trafficking and slavery are very real in our world today, and it's estimated that over 27 million adults and children are victims of this industry. Destiny Rescue seeks to rescue and restore exploited and abused children from all over the world. You can make general donations to help broaden their reach, support a rescue home, or even fund an entire rescue mission. Donations don't just remove children from horrible situations, they bring freedom and hope.

3. Povertees

Povertees was created in 2007 with the simple idea of bringing hope to the homeless in downtown Los Angeles through clean clothing. After several years, it evolved into a means to employ people transitioning out of their homeless situations by sewing the very clothing that will be handed out to those still fighting the cycle of homelessness. You can purchase Povertees as personal apparel or make a donation that will further extend the reach in the fight to end homelessness.

4. Project Hope

Project Hope's mission it to provide vital medical supplies and training to countries in need. They currently work all over the globe, including Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas where they provide expertise and resources to help people learn how to respond to disasters and attain wellness. For every $1 you donate, $105 dollars in medical supplies is sent to a country in need.

5. International Justice Mission

The International Justice Mission seeks to protect the poor from violence in developing countries. They fight against citizen rights abuse, police brutality, slavery, sex trafficking and property grabbing in 17 field offices across Africa, South and Southeast Asia and Latin America. You can become a freedom partner for $24 a month to fight injustice, or provide other amounts that directly help with situations like covering court fees, medical care, vocational training and funding an entire slavery rescue mission.

6. Unite For Sight

Unite For Site is a global nonprofit that supports local eye clinics to bring quality eye care services to those living in poverty. To date, they have assisted over 1.9 million people in countries such as Ghana, Honduras and India. Unite For Site has performed over 93,000 surgeries that have restored sight to the blind, and trained almost 10,000 fellows. Every single dollar you donate goes directly to eye care patients.

7. Pencils Of Promise

It all started with handing a boy a pencil, for Pencils of Promise founder, Adam Braun. In 2008, the organization was born that brings education provided by local villages and leaders to children of all ages. Pencils of Promise builds schools, provides teacher support, scholarships and more. They are seeking to end the fact that 250 million children worldwide lack basic skills such as reading, writing and math. The efforts have resulted in 100% of schools funded remaining operational and functional. The best part? Every dollar you give is directly passed on to schools and students.

So there you have it. Just 7 ways you can put your tax return to good use in a positive way. But this list isn't comprehensive. Do you have a passion? Great! Donate there, and be somebody's positive today.

Let us know in the comments where you will spend your tax return.

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