300+ Power Affirmations for Career & Professional Success

Your success is an “inside out” process.

Everything that is occurring in your life, including in your career/professional path, is being experienced by you through the filter of your unique paradigm.

That paradigm includes your beliefs about yourself, your life and your career, business and professional possibilities, which then gives rise to resulting thought patterns.

All of this informs the inner dialogue you have with yourself, and heavily impacts upon your actions/behaviours in your professional life.

This power audio below contains over 300 affirmations specifically designed to wire your mindset (beliefs and thoughts) for success, to unleash you to fly at your full potential in your career/professional life.

The affirmation statements are based upon the New World model of success – a way of living and working where you:

  • Intuitively navigate your way through challenges
  • Give your talents and gifts into the world authentically
  • Operate in balance and wellbeing
  • Are present and conscious in all your interactions with full integrity
  • Build collaborative relationships for mutual benefit
  • Are peaceful in the face of problems
  • Tap into all your capabilities
  • Are the leader in your own life, and
  • Unleash your creativity, innovation, success and abundance.

Recommended use: Please use a headset for best audio quality. Listen every day for 30 days to allow the messages to embed and uplift you.

With love, Bernadette

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  1. I would like to Thank Bernadette for the positivity she shares with the world. The New World Model of Success is Phenomenal and life changing.

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