Our planet is graced from time to time by very wise souls that are here to help with our evolution. And Dr Wayne Dyer was one of those wise souls. His teachings, particularly on the power of intention, have helped me create a life I LOVE. And I know he's had a similar impact on MILLIONS of other people as well.

I recently stumbled upon his awesome short video below.

It's all about being aligned with Source and using this alignment, and the power of your intention, to create your life.

I was so blown away by how perfectly Dr Dyer summarized these keys, I just had to share it with you.

I actually started writing down the most important points he was saying, intending to highlight those for you on this blog.

But then realized I was literally transcribing the entire video, because every word he said was genius and rang true!

So rather then tell you what points you might benefit from, just take my word for it… the whole freaking video is awesome and will help you in some way, so I highly recommend you take 7 minutes right now and soak this up.

You're about to receive what he called, “The Dyer Dozen”…

The Power of Intention – 12 Gems of Wisdom!


In the comments below let me know your biggest takeaway point, or any “aha” moments you had listening to Dr Dyer. Or, maybe you're like me, and you were intensely nodding your head the entire time and exclaiming, “TRUTH!” to everything being said.

Love, Bernadette

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