You’d Never Guess This is The #1 Source of Happiness

Not all of us are born with a bolt of sunshine, but over the recent years experts all agree, that we can cheat the happiness system. We can quit searching, planning, and fighting for happiness, because the answer is right here.

I would have never imagined such a simple action could solve what we all work so hard to find? You will catch the layout in the first 30 seconds, but keep watching, I promise it's worth your time. An incredible moment (I teared up) at 4:25, and the proof that happiness is far easier to achieve than we all imagined at 6:25.

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114 Responses

  1. This might be a bit unorthodox but I am thankful to my ex boyfriend Uche. He stood by me when no one else would and cared for me in a way no else can even when I didn’t deserve it. Uche, if you get to read this I appreciate your love, honesty, patience, encouragement, time and resources. I wish you the best in life.

  2. hi Dale I’m thankful to you right now because your daily positive thoughts are helping me to manage a bad moment I’m passing through

  3. I am most thankful for my sister, Bianka, who has always been my guiding star. Every time I loose my direction whether in my career or personal life, she reminds me that I am stronger than I think. She is extraordinary, she is understanding, she is kind, she is funny, she is caring and just the most amazing human being. Bianka, as jy hierdie lees, weet dat ek jou lief het vir aI die bogenoemde redes en soveel meer! Dankie vir jou liefde xx

    1. You just brought tears to my eyes! I am most greatful to have an awesome sister and friend like you, Kusjka du Plessis! Lief vir jou!!

  4. I am so grateful for my fiance Brian. He is my source of inspiration and I adore him, I admire him, I respect him. The enthusiasm and strength he exudes blows me away every day. On top of that he’s charismatic, intelligent and loves me in a way that no words can explain.
    I bless the day we met and everyday he’s in my life. I’ll cherish his heart and make sure to always be there for him, never back down for he’s the love of my life. Thank you lion <3 all my love, your Linda

  5. My girlfriend rosanne is the most inspiring person in my life I simply can’t say I know how she does it a mother of one works full time and still makes me she is loving caring and keeps a positive attitude I never forget the day I saw her even when we are not on good terms she still make sure am ok she is my all she inspired me to do better in my own life I love you rosanne

  6. i am thankful for the most beautiful people in my life, my sister and parents. Ive been blessed with their love and support, bringing a smile to every frownie day. I would be glad if i can replicate their unconditonal love and support even if one percent to the people i encounter.

  7. I´m EXTREMELY grateful for my family. Currently, I am studying abroad in a foreign country, and my family has been incredibly supportive. What they may not fully understand is that I am experiencing what seems to be a severe case of culture shock. Sometimes I refuse to leave my room, unless I´m leaving to go to school, I distance myself from people and general and have not been able to find a social support system. I´ve experienced several setbacks with finances, transportation, as well as communicating with people inside and outside of the country where I currently reside. These are just a few of the Issues that I have faced so far during my stay, but the list could go on and on. Since I have arrived, my family has sent packages and helped to do everything that they can in order to make my experience better, regardless of how much time or money they have to spend in order to do so. In addition to perhaps no fully understanding my current obstacles, what they may not realize is that they are the ONLY reason that I keep going each day. Period.

  8. Just like the woman in the video, I am thankful for my sister who seems to love me unconditionally despite the choices I make. She is the one person who knows all my flaws and still loves me. I have not always been there for her but she has always been there for me.

  9. One of the most influential people in my life is my sister – Joy Olson. She is an overcomer! She has been through some tough time but she always gets back up. That is the greatest strength I see in her. She refuses to sit down and say life is over. Her positive attitude and giving heart are an example to me.She shows through how she lives her life how giving and helping others even when life is hurting you at the moment can bring blessing and joy and help keep your head above water. She is amazing. Always quick with a smile and compliment and helping hand. She lives her name because she is JOY to me!!

  10. I’m thankful for my husband, Greg, who hasn’t given up despite some really hard life stuff and continues to persevere to make a way for our family to thrive. Love you babe!

  11. The person that has influenced me the most is my mother. No matter how many times I go to her crying or griping about life she is always there to listen or help me through my problem. If it wasn’t for her I don’t know where I would be. I love you mom.

  12. One of my absolute favourite people in the world, in my friend Sam. I met him during a year where I discovered my faith in Jesus and in the Catholic church. When I met him, I was scared of a lot of things, but his fun and teasing and just loving me in every way made me see life in a whole new perspective. He is a brilliant man, and though I miss him heaps, I praise God for organising for me and him to meet and be able to spend a year together. I even continue to pray for him, though i’m struggling with my own faith at the moment. He is just the best.

  13. I am thankful for my little sister, Shelby. Even though she is 3 years younger than me, I am always looking up to her. She is so brilliant, in anything she decides to do. She is tough. We have been through a lot of ups and downs in our lives.. she is my rock. She is fierce, not afraid to speak her mind when she knows what is right. She’s not afraid to call me out on my mistakes. But she is compassionate. She is kind. And most of all, she supports me. She encourages me to continue my pursuit of Jesus. She makes me smile with her funny little snapchats. I’m so glad we look alike. I love her and I am so grateful to have her in my life. She makes me a better me.

  14. When the woman in green thanked her sister Erica it brought me to tears because it made me think of my sister Erika. She Is a very important person in my life. When ever I am in a rut or need to be cheered up she is always able to do that instantly! She is the first person I can talk to about ANYTHING and she is always so supportive, even the other day she froze her butt off standing in our cold garage just so she could talk to me! She has been my role model and inspiration ever since I can remember. She is always honest with me, she even tells me when I need to smarten up;) I am so grateful for my sister! Without her, I would not be the person I am today!

  15. My friend Amanda has always been dear to me. I am thankful for her sweet spirit and demeanor. I want to be more like her because of her servant’s heart. Time and time again, she has been right beside me when I needed her even though she lives another state away. When it comes to parenting, she is a genius and has always givin me advice without making me feel inadequate. I am thankful for her life-long friendship. She is a true treasure.

    1. Oh, Wow. This is Amanda and I am completely humbled. Jennifer has been my best friend for years. We met when I was in kindergarten! Jen has faced many painful seasons of loss with people she loves and she remains a pillar of strength. I am thankful to call her my friend.

  16. I wanted to recognize my husband Eric for being such an important person in my life. He can take any day, any circumstance and somehow change it into a fun-filled, meaningful moment that has built such a treasure chest of great memories in our short time together. So many simple things have become the ones that make each day worth a million and continue to be the things that bring so much more meaning to my life. I feel happier, younger, stronger and more worthy than I ever have. He has a personality that is so big, so almost childlike in his enthusiasm for life, that it has been infectious and has opened up so many more possibilities for me. His determination to succeed, to develop, to be vulnerable and admit where he needs to grow and work on our relationship has shown me the deep abiding love he has for me and for himself. That has helped me learn to love the person I am. I am a whole new person today because of him. Thank you Eric, I love you!

  17. I’m grateful for my friend Sharrman – the guy who reminds me every day that there is hope for the world. That there is beauty everywhere, simply because he is in it.
    I’m grateful for Ramisa, the most generous girl I’ve ever met. The person who extends her kindness in ways that speak volumes to any soul.
    I’m grateful for Ouss – the person that virtually never fails to make me smile, and has shown me the value of being unapologetically who you are.
    But most of all, I’m grateful for the woman who showed me the meaning of unconditional love – my grandmother. My biggest inspiration.
    You are all beyond unique.

  18. I’m thankful more than words can ever say for my best
    friend and person, Oliver. Though we have only known each other for just short
    of a year, we somehow connected and became friends instantly. He is the
    positive of my day, the sunshine during the darkest times and my person who
    knows me inside and out– even when I’m as silent as falling snow. Oliver is
    truly a gem to not only me but many others. His determination and passion for
    so many things inspire so many people each day. I’m so grateful for the happiness he has brought to my life. “Because I knew you, I have been changed for good.”

  19. My mother Maggie has been the most influential person in my life by far. Not just for being my mother, but for being my champion, my friend, my shoulder to cry on, my biggest fan and my inspiration in all things. She’s been there through some of the hardest times in my life. Fought with me through depression and anxiety and suicidal thoughts while never complaining and always loving me. She’s stuck with me through panic attacks, hospital visits and nights with no sleep. Even though I’ve come to realize that it was as hard on her to see her daughter go through this process, she continued to stand strong and be the rock I needed when lost at sea. I have always loved my mother, but our connection has changed and grown through this process. When I wasn’t sure I’d make it out, she convinced me that I could and I can’t ever thank her for all she’s done.
    I love you Mom.

  20. I am thankful for my daughters and specifically, my daughter Hayley. She is the most amazing person in so many ways. I knew she was special the day she was born. She has brought so much joy and fulfillment to my life and given me purpose and meaning. I have watched her grow from a bubbly, inquisitive little girl to a beautiful, strong and independent young woman. She is such a unique combination of the good things in me and then alot of the things I am not and for that I am grateful! She is very caring and compassionate like me, tends to obsess like me and then she is strong, assertive, independent and a free thinker. I used to worry she would grow up to be a follower like myself but in her 19 years she has proven me wrong. She is the strongest, funniest person I know and walks to the beat of her own drum. I am so blessed to have her as not only my daughter but my best friend!

  21. I’m so blessed with so many people in my life, that it’s hard to narrow it down to just one. That being said, the person that has probably been a big influence in my life, is my grandmother. She’s always been such a strong, beautiful and amazing woman! She’s the one person that understands me, and will listen to my problems. She’s also the one who recommends books to read, as well as helps guide me in religious matters. She’s helped me a lot, and it breaks my heart that I’m not able to see her every day. She doesn’t live too far (she’s in New York, I’m in Canada), but the fact that I can’t jump in my car whenever she’s hurt or sick, breaks my heart. I miss her every day, and I love being around her.

    I know she’s getting older, and it scares me that she might not be around to see me get married. That’s one wish I have for her, that she’ll be able to see me get married some day, and perhaps even be able to see my grand kids. I just want her to approve of the man I marry (whoever he is), because her opinion means so much to me.

    I could say so much more about her, but I don’t want to make this too long, so I’ll end with this: Thank you, and I love you!

  22. I’m thankful for my best friend, co-worker and roommate Jess (no we don’t get sick of each other). What a gift her friendship has been to me. I am a better friend and person because of her presence in my life. Jess is beautiful in every sense of the word. Outwardly stunning, inwardly exquisite. She cares deeply, laughs often, joy fills her and time is nothing but a thing to her. She has been a source of hope and enjoyment in life… just because she’s herself and present. Peace, love, acceptance and freedom mark her life. I’ve learned more about investing in relationships, ‘dwelling’ and loving people because of doing life with her. I share my hopes and dreams and fears with her because she’s trusted and a safe place. I’m overwhelmed at her willingness to fight with me for things I want and work toward (relationally, spiritually, and other ways in life). Jess has walked through my struggles and worked through conflict with me in our friendship, how many people are willing to do that?! I see such strength, courage and boldness in this woman. To my favorite partner in crime, sister in another family… guurlll you’re amazing! I’m thankful to God for giving me such a gift for such a time; He knew what I needed and lavished His love toward me through Jess.

  23. Everything is divine order – so there’s no mistake that I met my good friend and sister, Samantha Godfrey at a small college in Maryland. Sam and I became really great friends – pretty much attached to the hip during college, at parties, my apartment, lunch, on campus and so on. I never knew Sam saw me as this significant person in her life. Although we majored in laughter and fun during college – she always knew that I was a hard worker and did not play when it came to my academics. She knew that I would always become something great and prayed for me constantly. I rarely see Samantha – but when we link up – feels like we just kicked it yesterday…this is a sign of a true friendship. She’s always so encouraging and understands everything that I am going through in life. The most important thing is that she prays for me and her intentions are real. I honestly do not know what I would do without Sam in my life – she’s just that vital to me. I love her more than words can explain and she’s so very talented. We are both on our grind to live out our creations and dreams – and we share those dreams with each other without judgement. She’s my ride-or-die no matter how little we talk or see each other…I know she always has my back and I got hers. Love you to forever Sammy – there’s no price tag on our friendship!

  24. I’m thankful for my Paige. Shes’ taught me so much about life. She’s such a wonderful girl filled with so much love and life. She’s poses a good example to all girls. She lives life passionately and doesn’t stop even when she’s tired. She sees the prize at the end of the tunnel so clearly. it’s seems easy for her but I know that it’s been hard. Every time I think about her, i smile because I feel her love. I’m so thankful for all the memories we’ve shared. I’m excited for both of our futures because we’ve endure many obstacles. To my best friend, Paige. I love her dearly.

  25. So many to be thankful for, and each for such different reasons. My mom, Maria, for her unconditional love. She will do truly anything for those she loves and this inspires me. My loving dad, Paul, for showing me the power of a father’s love. His ability to take us with open arms & treat us as his own has inspired me to wait for that gift for my girl. My brother, Chris, for truly having a mind of his own and consistently reminding me to consciously decide what I agree with in the world and what I don’t. He has taught me to stay true to who I am. Amanda, for being my childhood best friend and someone who helped me come out of my shell & show me confidence when I was younger. I wouldn’t be who I am today without her. Ashley, for being my better half, always. With us both being so different from one another, her perspective and attitude is always making me look at things differently and challenging me. Her friendship has made me a better person and I don’t know what I would do without her. Nikki & D, for the power of forgiveness. With a bumpy start, they’ve helped me see the true importance in life and their hearts inspire me to always rise to the occasion. That it is better to love, always. Last, my girl. She is my angel from Heaven and has taught me more than I could ever explain. Her innocence and sweet sweet soul inspires me daily. She reminds me of what real, untainted love looks like and inspires me to strive to keep this outlook on life. She makes me a better person all around. I can only hope to be as big of a blessing to her, as she has been to me.

    1. Happy Valentine’s Day. Thank you for bringing the most special girl into this world that has forever changed my life for the better & helps direct us all to be our best selves. I couldn’t imagine life any other way.

  26. One of the most influential people in my life, is my boyfriend, David. There have been many people who have changed my life just by being in it, but Dave’s involvement, support and love have not only changed my life, but challenged me, and I’ve become a different person. He is caring, INTELLIGENT, humble, perceptive, strong, and always excited for new opportunities… He never sees obstacles as dead ends, but always as invitations to try something new!… His love for his parents inspires me… Without meeting him, I don’t think I would have reconciled with my own parents. He has always encouraged me to believe that I can make a difference, and has been my #1 fan when I’d given up on myself! The bottom line, is Dave has influenced my life because he reflects Jesus beautifully, and inspired me to change my perspective of God… I know Dave would say everything I’m saying here, is only a result of what Gods done in his life… And he would be right… So my new prayer is that I can influence someone in the same way God changed David, who inspired me to change, by being a reflection of Gods love…
    First step?…. Smile. . . Life is good.

  27. I am thankful for my baby Nick. He’s taught me how to love and to live and most of all patience and life’s outlook. He’s taught me to have faith in The Lord and know he will carry us through. I know the value of life and the time here on earth because of him. He taught me how to be a better person for the better of the world. I love him so much with all my heart and lord, thank you for sending him to me. ~Amen! (Jmjo!)

  28. To You Stassi
    Since we have become friends I have known what loyalty, trustworthiness, love, grace, and true commitment embodies, you. Your beauty is amazing. Your sensitive soul and stunner looks make for a dynamite combination for someone to be left without words. You’ve taught me to open my heart again and be loved and I feel so unlovable. You save my heart when I feel like Im alone and have no one to turn to. You’ve been like no other best friend Ive had. You’re an incredible dedicated and hard worker. You are wise with what you have and how to spend your time and money. You have a fighting spirit. You’ve been in the hardest of places and have experienced the darkest part of your life thus far and can still wake up, have a smile on that beautiful face, and be thankful for so much. You inspire me. I want you to know that.
    I love you.

  29. I am thankful for my best friend & the love of my life, my husband Craig Juan! He is the first person to ever show me the true meaning of unconditional love. I’ve made some epic mistakes in my life but he hasn’t judge me ~ he’s loved me thru them all. We have an incredible family and his devotion to us and our well being inspires me daily. God knew what he was doing when he matched us up because we compliment each other in the best ways possible. I believe wholeheartedly that our boys will grow up to be honorable men due to the great example that he has set for them. Craig, I love you! I am so blessed to have you as my partner in this life. (:

  30. I am so thankful for my best friend. She knows who she is. She knows that she consistently brings new insights, happiness, and challenges to my life. She holds me accountable for everything but doesn’t judge or condemn if I fail. She is right there with me in everything. We don’t get to see each other nearly as much as I wish we could, because of geography, but she and I have the bond that distance and time does not touch. We are sisters. She is my family, and I love her so very much.

  31. I am thankful for my friend Bob. We met few years ago and since then my life changed completely. He is the one who loves me for who I am and appreciates every minute we spend together. He supports me in any decisions I make, he cares about me like no one ever. He enriches my life, he makes me feel loved, he makes me smile. Even though we cannot meet very often we are always together in our thoughts and our souls, and when we do meet these are the best and the happiest moments. He is the best friend and lover I ever had in my life. Thank you for who you are. Love you. ~i

  32. I am thankful for my family
    and friend. The women I am posting this are the most important in my life
    because they are really courageous, intelligent and just the best: Luz, Gaby,

  33. I am thankful for my friend Ashley, she brings a level of calm and centeredness (not a word I realize 🙂 ) to my life. She asks questions about how I am and how I feel, and the best part is she really cares what the answer is! I feel loved and at ease around her. My world is a better place because she is in it.

  34. I’m thankful for my Grandmother Mimima, she’s taught me how to find love in every situation. How important should be family in my life, how great life is. Every time i think i’m losing my marbles, I think of her and how she would deal in that situation.
    Love glows out of her, you can see it in her eyes, and at that moment, that love reaches you and you start to be happy and grateful for everything in your life.

  35. I am forever grateful for my husband …we met and married very young and he has gone from an angry dysfunctional kid to a well balanced strong leader of our family . He is a true example to our 2 sons. I will forever be thankful for running into him at a dance club back in 1993 …and know that dreams really do come true as he has fulfilled every one of mine .

  36. I am thankful for my husband and my whole family. Growing up in a warm caring family taught me the importance and gifts people are in our lives. Having their support and strength gave me a strong foundation in making me what I am today. I have learned from them to love others with total acceptance and to trust in God’s plan. I know that to try my best is all I can do and that is all I can ask of myself. With that foundation, I found the love of my life in my husband, my best friend, who I have built a life and family with – and this journey has blessed us with three beautiful people, our children. To see them grow and develop into amazing young adults has made me even more thankful than I thought possible. Through them I now understand what unconditional love truly means. I am truly blessed and forever thankful for all of these people – truly gifts from God. God is good.

  37. Estoy agradecido de mi familia, de mi Mama y Papa, por todo lo que nos han dado a mi y hermanos, por su apoyo incondicional, por estar ahí siempre en las buenas y malas, por haber soportado todos mis errores, agradecido de ellos por la persona que soy, por la educación que me entregaron y las experiencias y vivencias que tuve que pasar para llegar a ser como soy hoy. por eso te agradezco por todo mama y papa. los quiero

  38. I am thankful for my mum. Without her, I wouldn’t be here. Obviously. but I mean apart from giving birth to me, she had taken care of me, kissed my hurt away and shown me some amazing life lessons. I am never too big for a cuddle with her. She loves me with everything she has and always wants the best for me. When I was going through a horrible time in my life, she was there making me laugh and feel better about myself and the world. She has been my cheerleader, always encouraging me to be the best and keep my head high. She is an amazing mother, whether she thinks it or not. She is an amazing person and has shown me what a strong independent woman looks like. She is my mum, and i am so thankful to have the relationship i have with her and everything she does for me

  39. I can’t simply pick one person! I am nearing the end of my degree, which has been particularly challenging for me having not completed college. The amount of support I receive from my friends and family constantly telling me how capable I am is what drives me till the end. They make me laugh, feel loved, happy, capable, beautiful, and go out of their way for me, especially my mother to put a roof over my head, and support me in every other way possible. My dad who constantly pushes me to be the best I can, my friends Brigitte and Isabeau who inspire me to strive for my goals, my friend Shimmie who is always making me laugh, and my best friend Angeline who has been by my side since 13 years old. I love you all to bits xxx

  40. I am thankful for my mom. In addition to the mom that she was when I was growing up – always ensuring that we sat down to a home-cooked meal every night while she worked, making birthdays special, and teaching us to always give to others even when we didn’t have a ton. She is always positive, supportive and encouraging. She has handled adversity with grace and appreciates the things I do for others that are hard but generally not things other people catch. She has a level of endless curiosity, energy and faith that I hope to have at her age. She is also a constant source of fun and knowledge to my daughters who are lucky to have multiple generations of female role models.

  41. Im so grateful for my mother. She is my number one fan and is always so supportive of me. She amazes me everyday with her strength and beauty as she continues to heal. She is such an inspiration to not only me but those that she is close with. She will drop everything to make sure that Im okay. I know i can always depend on her for support and encouragement, even if it is just a listening ear. I appreciate the nights when we can play candy crush, laughing or talk all night. I love you, Mom.

  42. I’m a huge fan of The Science of Happiness and Soulpancake, this video specially is a true eye opener, I’m grateful for my family (older brother, young sister and mom), when we go through rough times we make sure we remind each other that we care for one another and that our bond is unbreakable, lets keep making this world a brighter more positive place 🙂

  43. the person i am most thankful for is my boyfriend who i met more than 2 years ago. i don’t know where to begin explaining but he made my life better in so many ways. i love him and i know that he loves me and I trust him in a way i never thought i could and i feel so secure and warm and comfortable with him. he introduces me to new things and makes me dare somthing and he also listens to me and accepts me the way i am. he is the person where i can just be myself with. i am so thankful that he is in my life and that we stay together.

  44. Too many to name! My wife and two children give me the energy and inspiration to go out everyday and make someones life a little better. Mom always told me to do something people want and more. This always comes back tenfold without asking

  45. I am thankful for the 20 young minds I see everyday. Teaching kindergarten is not an easy job some days (like today) but at the end of the day I usually can sit back and say thank you God for putting children in my life. At 21 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. At 35 I’m revisiting the grief of the disease all over again through infertilty. Thank goodness I’m a teacher.

  46. I am thankful for my friend Carolina. She never hesitates to be an ear to for me to blab at nor a shoulder for me to cry on. I am so extremely grateful to have her in my life and I don’t tell her that often enough. I would kill for this girl. She is going to conquer the world and I am blessed to be warmed by the light she emits. Love you, Caro.

  47. I am most thankful for my best friend for the last 15 years, Nicci. She has had a hard life, nothing ever seem to go her way and even when it seems like things are turning around, they crash. But even though she has fallen fast and hard more than once, she never gives up and she keeps on. She is the one person who truly understands me and I know will never judge me or my mistakes and I can go to her for anything. She is also that one person who even if we are not in constant contact and no matter the distance between us or time passed we can pick up where we left off. She is truly my inspiration and I know she relies on me just as much as I do her. I don’t know what I would do without her.

  48. It is hard to pick just one person that I am thankful for. I’m thankful for my family for always supporting and loving me even when I make mistakes or am not the best version of myself. I am thankful for my best friend, Brittany who is always there to lend me a shoulder or a happy thought. She has been one of my biggest cheerleaders and supporters during my darkest days. One more person who I probably haven’t thanked enough, is my friend Colin who listened to my rants with patients and was the only one there for me after my friend/ex-boyfriend’s brother completed suicide. I was away from home with no support system and was completely lost on how to deal. Colin was my rock. He was the only one there to ask how I was and check in on me. Having that support gave me a little more strength to be able to support my friend’s family. There are so many others I am grateful for but I feel truly blessed and am forever grateful for having these amazing people in my life.

  49. Well, I am so very thankful for quite a few people. The person that is coming to mind at this moment though is my beautiful friend Anna Basil. We were unlikely comrades from the beginning. So very different on the outside, it turned out we were kindred spirits on the inside. She has inspired me to be braver, to speak up for myself and those who cannot speak for themselves, and to love and be loyal even when it’s hard. She has shown me what true courage and passion is like. We can laugh for hours at the silliest things or talk for hours about the most important issues in our lives. I know she would do anything for me because she is that kind of person, and I hope she knows I would do the same for her. I am thankful for Anna Basil because she is beautifully herself. 🙂

  50. Matthew-
    Timing sometimes is everything. How funny that I click this link the day before our first Valentine’s Day! I believe we found each other because neither of us were lost or searching for our path. We successfully wondered off broken roads and luckily, fatefully, ended up here. There are so many reasons I love you and am thankful for you…so here’s a few I may not often tell you. You remind me that we have a long road ahead and that no matter how long the road is the most important thing I can do is celebrate it, celebrating the life that is meant for me, us, and our family. You remind me that I am deserving of happiness and you beautifully accept that you are too. You accept me for all that I am now, and take my past as stepping stones that brought me to this moment (rather than a blend of mistakes and triumphs that made me-as you say bad events are only bad if you don’t learn from them). You make me see myself as beautiful and full, reminding me that I am a woman, mother, lover, best friend, partner, teacher, daughter, and the list goes on. You effortlessly play an equal number of roles as father, best friend lover, teacher, doctor, son, etc. You receive my love fully and gratefully. As a couple ages, they often say they begin to look like each other, or their dogs:/, well, I’d be honored to look like you. I love you and again thank you for being in my life and promising yourself to our family.

  51. The first person that come to mind for me personally is my best friend Hannah. I am a very crazy and unpredictable person. Once people get to know me they have a hard time keeping up with the kind of person I am. Most people get tired of it after a while. But she keeps going. She stays around when no on else will. When I need to talk about my personal problems she listens as best she can. And generally, she understands. I can get into in depth conversations with her and it is serious and uplifting most people just look at me weird when I try to do that with anyone else. Most of all I want to say I love her as if she were my own sister. Love isn’t easy. It has its ups and downs but it’s worth it when it’s with the right person. She is the best possible person God could ever put into my life. She’s colorful and genuinely beautiful. I mean this in every sense. I love you Hannah.

  52. I am thankful for my big sister Allison. Allison and I have had our share of ups and downs, as all families do. However, the difference with Allison is that she has always believed in and supported me. Allison is my best friend and confidant. She never judges and always offers kind words which sustain me through the tough times. Life is hard and having someone who you can always count on is rare, well for me anyway. I’ve experienced tough times, although I know I’m not alone on that walk on this earth, yet Allison has never left me. She has been there to see me through each and every step. She has no idea the impact she has made on my life and there is no way I can ever repay her for the strength and compassion she has shown me. I am eternally grateful and bless to have her! <3

    1. I feel like I WAS in the experiment. I read your statement, called you with gratitude tears and felt my heart swell. Little did I know, our lives would take the twists and turns that they did. I am forever grateful for you, my sweet sister. My heart smiled with true happiness as I read each word. I knew yesterday when I watched the video, had I been chosen, you would be the one I would call. Immediately, I thought of all the things I could say, but what came to mind was that you saved me, in more ways than one. YOU are forever my angel….My happiness My best friend. My forever sister.

  53. I am thankful for allot of people. My mom, who is always there for me when i’m down, my dad who i love because he is so silly, my sister Athena because she has that thing about her that just makes her a genuine person. My other sister Shyanne who shows me not to care what other people say about me, she is very carefree. My Little brother, my little brother is amazing we may fight but truthfully i just wanna make sure he never feels alone in the world i always want him to be happy, i want him to know things aren’t as bad as people make them out to be. I am thankful for my best friends Mia, Emily and Nikki, I can tell them everything and anything. I’m thankful for Cody who is just amazing at everything. I am thankful for my mammie, i dont see her much anymore but that doesnt make me love her any less. im thankful for my cousins all of them because they are a weird bunch of people but that’s okay. and lastly im Thankful for my 8th grade social studies teacher who is my biggest inspiration in life, she has done allot for me and im soo grateful for that. All of these people are my life. without them i would be nothing, without any of these people i dont know where i would be. I love them so much. i hope they know that.

  54. I’m thankful for my mum. Shes an amazing mother, chef and role model. She brighthens my day up with teases but always makes my day. She used to discipline me back in my younger days, but now looking back, I knew she had a reason behind her actions. She cooks amazing meals and i always go for second helpings bcoz its just tat good! I even ate till the point of uncomfort, regretful but satisfied. She gave me a drink, a simple ribena when I was preparing for my exams and I want to show that same service to her everytime I can or help her with the chores bcoz shes not getting any younger. Yet, she’s still a strong lady, inside out. Shes a jewel in the house bcoz she just is. I cannot repay her for what she has done for me since day one, but I can only give her all my love as an obedient son. Love u mum! =)

  55. I am thankful for my sister. She is the most awesome sister anyone can have! She loves me so much… it is like having one more mom. She will keep on doing things for me without me asking for it.. and I keep wondering if I could ever be capable of something like that. I know I am busy all the time… and I don’t give her time but she never takes any of that to heart. She will get angry but forgive me in an instant. I have never met anyone with such a huge heart. I must have done something really nice in earlier life to get a sister like her. I never say it but she means a lot to me! I know no matter what I will always have you by my side and I will always have you to understand me when others don’t. I love you a lot! 🙂

  56. I’m thankful everyday for my bestfriends Jas, Emma, Molly, Patrick. Without these people I wouldn’t be alive, they are the reason I wake up everyday and the reason I have an amazing life. I love them and if I didn’t have them I would be here today. It hurts me when I can’t help them the same way they helped me, because they will never know the overwhelming emotions I get when I see, talk, think and be with them.

  57. Grandma,
    You often remind me to be grateful and I wanted you to know how grateful I am for that and you. You have been the most positive and most influentual person in my life. Your strength, commitment and generousity have been a powerful example of love for me and that has made me exponentially more capable of handling life’s challenges. I could not have asked for a better example of consistant love. Thank you for being the best part of my life. I hope you know how profoundly you touch me and in however best received I would like to return all my love and support.

  58. I’m thankfull for the wonderful people in my life who made my life better through the years. I’m thankfull for my mother, for always dedicating her time to the well being of the family, and for being so honest and exigent with me, I mean, I used to think it was unfair that my family expected so much more of me than the other families expected from their childs, but now I understand that they just wanted me to reach my potential, and for me to learn that the key of life is being a hard worker. I’m thankfull for my father for giving me all the love my mother couldn’t while growing up, and for being joking and in a good mood most of the time, which was really inspiring. I’m thankfull for my brother for being such a good role model, and for still being here even when I pushed him away several times. Really, thank you cause I really need to not be alone with my thoughts right now. I’m thankfull for my sister, for being such a care-free, warm-hearted, selfless person, and for being my role model number one while growing up. And now, for being so helpfull even in the short time I see her, she kinda saved me from myself when I saw her for two months in 2012. I’m thankfull for my grandma who loved me so much all these years, and I’m sorry I can’t hhelp you right now, and that I can’t be closer to you right now, when you need it the most, but I am really thankfull for being so amazing with me all these years. I’m thankfull for my cousin Julia, for making my childhood memorable. And I’m thankfull for my older cousins for being so loving and caring and now for treating me like an equal even when I’m still their young baby cousin. I’m thankfull for my three little cousins for still being my little babies and giving me love and teaching me how to enjoy life and that dark times pass and there’s only sunshine left. I’m thankfull for my girl friends for growing up with me and always trying to be better, and for still being by my side after all the mistakes and all the times I shut myself and left you out in the worst times. I’m thankfull for my new classmates that showed me that people can be good and kind, and for caring about me everyday and making me feel appreciated. I’m thankfull for all the writers that inspired me to be a better person, including Dale. And for all the people with big hearts that give give give without expecting anything in return, your small acts of kindness continue to inspire me everyday. I’m thankfull for all the people that make the right choices, and take the high road of life.

  59. I am thankful for my manager, my mentor and my friend for life Emma, who has so much joy, energy and strength and is one of the most loving and genuine people I know. I see her shine and smile at work and she uplifts me every single day every time she walks through the door. I am thankful because she has always believed in me, even when I think I don’t deserve it and often at times when I don’t believe in myself. She makes me feel big when I feel small, in every aspect of my life, and always pushes me and gives me the courage to move forward. She has such a big heart and is always making time for other people around her even when they don’t ask for it, and even when she herself has so many other things going on in her
    life. I admire her ability to always smile and laugh even when times are rough.
    She is an absolute role model, both as a professional and a beautiful person I
    want to model myself after. She is an amazing wife, mother, friend and I always
    look up to her. Emma – thank you for always being there for me and going the
    extra mile to make me laugh. You have taught me so much and impacted my life in
    so many more ways than one, and your joy and generosity is a constant
    inspiration. xx

  60. I’m thankful for everyone who has taken the time to tread this path with me. Some have not stayed long enough, yet have left their indelible mark, moulded, shaped and chiselled my character. Some are with me for the long haul, and I cherish that too, guided by their wisdom, experience and love, I am never alone. My closest friends and family are loved with abundance.

  61. Today, I am thankful for my best friend Anneliese who continues to affirm, love and support me everyday. She has been and continues to be a wonderful influence on my life and an even better partner in crime. She came along at the perfect time, sat with me when i needed a friend on long nights and kept me company through many hours of work, always there with a smile and laughter to cheer me up. I’m thankful because through thick and thin she has had my back and from now on i will never be alone again. I am constantly reminded that i deserve all the love and affection in the world, and that i do matter, to me, thats the best thing she does; she gives me value when i feel worthless. i am thankful for her love and patience for me and how she chose to give me part (hopeful the rest) of her life and share it with me. If you’re reading this, you saved me and for that and a whole bunch of other reasons i can safely say i love you

  62. I wish I could send this to everyone in the world! But since I can’t, I’m just really glad that other people will be able to read this.

    I’m thankful to be alive. I’m thankful that there’s a world we all live in and that we’re all given the chance to tell people how much we love them and to do something for them. I’m grateful that despite all the struggles and horrible things in life, there are people who are good. People who are caring. People who understand. And people who make you feel like you’re not alone in this world. I’m thankful we can all learn, grow, and try again and again. I’m thankful we can always meet new people, make new friends, and start living life to the fullest any minute of our lives.

  63. I am thankful for my sister, Noni. She is 11months younger than I and we have been soul mates our whole life. We have been through many of life’s ups and downs, together. We’ve always been and will always be “the girls”!
    I love you!

  64. I sometimes forget how much I have to be thankful for. My wonderful husband has been very supportive and helpful as we care for my sister who is very ill. I have two great daughters who are beautiful, smart and keep me young, I also have several close friends who have been with me through thick and thin since we met in college.

  65. First and foremost i’m thankful for my father Jesus christ. Lord you have saved me form myself when I was at my worst of worst and from that day on you kept on showing me how much you loved me and you continue to care for me every day and I thank you that you are always there for me (even when I sometimes think that I dont need you at all)

    Daddy, you have no idea how much i’m thankfull to jesus that he chose you and mom to be my parents you are a hardworker and you showed me from a young age that you can dream big!because if you really want it everything is possible. you have supported me and lifted me up when I needed you most. you affirm me of your love every single day (and keep reminding me that i’ll always be your little princess). A little while a go I started working for you at the DBK Company I’m thankfull that you gave me this opportunity as I’ve loved every minute of working so close with you and you have encouraged me to start studying for another degree and I cant thank you enough for this! Your my real life hero and I will always be gratefull for everything you’ve done for me!

    I love you!

  66. I am thankful to my little sister. She means the world to me. She’s like a friend instead of ‘just’ family. Like we choose to be friends. It’s pretty scary how well we know eachother althought we no always know that we do. Thanks for being who you are. Thanks for your connection in the visual spatial area’s of our live. Ain’t no mountain high enough, both ways.

  67. I am thankful for having the most wonderful husband I could ever dream of. We have been married for 17 years. The day I met him, I knew I wanted to marry him. In that first date, we talked just about everything going on in the world at the time. The first year of marriage I learned that I had a lot of growing up to do. I am still in the process. I just want him to know that I would marry him again in a heart beat. I would not want my life to be without him. I love you and I thank you for loving me back!!!!

  68. I am most thankful for my friend Lily. She balances my sadness with her bubbly, upbeat personality. Lily has done so much for me in the time I have known her. She is the type of person who lights up a room the second she walks in. She’s is the friend who will drive 12 total hours on a road trip, with you just because. She’ll sing show tunes with you, meet you at Waffle House at 1 am (and stay for 3 hours) to listen to you cry over a break up, laugh with you, help you with your wardrobe because you can’t do it on your own, talk about Jesus with you, sit in silence with you just because you need a friend. Lily is the light God has given me in the world. She helps me to be a better person; I don’t know what I would do without her.

  69. I am thankful most for a host of folks. Mom – for teaching me how to be creative and fostering this quality in me. Thank you for teaching me how to make a lovely home. Pops – Thank you most for teaching me about God and his love for us. Thank you for instilling work ethic in me. Sissy – Thank you for listening to me. Thank you for always being my friend, even when I wasn’t a good one to you. Eric – I love your big heart. I will never forget the time when I was away at college and you called me because Lady Jane had died. That broke my heart more, I think. Thank you for loving my son with that heart. My mooks – You are it. If I can’t talk to you about my day at the end of it, it just doesn’t feel like I lived it. You are my best friend. I love the way you love me. I love the way you love your son. Thank you for treating me like a queen and taking such good care of us. I love you all.

  70. I am so thankful for my mom. No matter what happens, she is always there for me. Even through some of the roughest times of my life, my mom never left my side. I look up to her for her honesty, faithfulness, loving heart, and sense of humor. She is the one person I know I can rely on for absolutely anything. I love her more than anyone in this world.
    I am so thankful for my dad. He is one of the best people in this world. His drive, unconditional love, and desire to learn intrigues me everyday. He pushes me to become a better person, open my heart to others, and set my standards high in life. I am so thankful for his love, honest truth, and sincerity. I love you so much daddy.

  71. I am thankful for the people God has blessed me with that that breathe encouragement and joy into my life. To my boyfriend, Wayne, who has shown me the steadfast and patient side of love and knows how to make me smile and brighten a dreary day. To my best friend, Crystal, who shows me the faithful and loyal side of love always ready to have my back. Thank you.

  72. I am thankful for my mom! She is the most caring, loving, selfless person I know. She is always there for me through all walks of life. She loves God with all her heart and wants others around here to love God as well. I know that she will always be there for me and my kids. Her hugs and kisses are powerful and in her presence you will always feel special and loved.

  73. I am grateful for one of my closest friends, Polly. She never judges, always loyal and gives me the gift to know what a true friendship feels like. Thank you my love for always being the ear I need, the heart that loves me and the positive mind to snap me back to my higher self. My transition back into Sydney life would just not be the same without you xx

  74. I’m thankful for my daughter, Robyn. She has been through some really tough times but is growing and becoming a strong woman and mom. She is a very giving person and is always stopping to help someone if she can. She would also fight a buzz saw for those she loves. Lol. Love you!!

  75. Brea,
    You were my first and greatest friend. My favorite thing to do is to watch videos of us playing together or you peeking into my crib just to hear me laugh. Well since then you haven’t stopped making me laugh or smile. I am your biggest fan and supporter. What I love about you is that I come to you for advice and you answer honestly for my best interests even if I don’t see it. I love you with all my heart. I can’t wait to watch you succeed in life and be there with you through it all.
    Your loving sister

  76. I am mst thankful for my Mom Michele. There raised me as a single mother and gave up her dreams so that I could follow mine. I wouldn’t have made it very far in life without my Mom. Even though haven’t always been the easiest, my Mom has always loved me and us never give up on me. So I’m most thankful for you Mom if your reading this! Love, Ryan Otto

  77. I’m thankful for my parents, who took too much time for the smallest of things for me and my family, for never forgetting a birthday and being careful that I work hard enough through school. For telling me I’m becoming more like Christ, and encouraging me to pick myself up after falling.

  78. I am most thankful for my husband. He loves Jesus Christ and follows Him wholeheartedly. He loves me completely and tries to encourage me to follow my dreams. He loves our children and spends quality time with them. He pursues his passions and doesn’t let his employment status get him down. I love you, Daniel 🙂

  79. I’m so very thankful for my mom. She stays proud of me when I make a fool of myself. Almost nineteen years of her life have been dedicated to me, and I can never truly thank her enough.

  80. i am grateful for my friend erik. a soul mate of mine it seems that ive known a thousand years but that i met because i witnessed him perform a kind act for someone and going out of his way to do so, and it seemed to go unnoticed by everyone, what an extraordinary heartfelt concern he had, but it didn’t go unnoticed by me. he was just being himself and didn’t think much of it but from that moment to this all i can see is the light radiating from within him. we became close and my life has been altered dramatically, inside, in my heart by being witness to a soul so loving decent and integral. he shares his wisdom and light not for attention but because people with that kind of light must share it, its a gift to the receiver. not without flaws but living from heart i’ve been blessed with laughter when i was in tears, i’ve been held from many miles away when i needed it the most, and i have been fortunate enough to learn to be vulnerable with someone that sees me and lets me see him..i see him interact with others at times and i think wow, don’t you know you just encountered one of the special ones, a rare man who possesses strength without being hard, wisdom without arrogance and love in a way so few can love. he sees the world as a mirror and takes the time to recognize that which he sees in others as a part of himself in a way many talk about but few do. he is one of those people that makes you feel you are worth something if he loves on you, and he does it so well. you can be at the height of laughter one moment and in tears in touch with emotions you didnt know you had the next, in a very easy and loving transition that makes you think afterward, how did he do that? most of all he directs my focus to the source of all life, the life force within, when you see and hear him flow, you know that kind of radiance comes from God and the best gift you can give anyone is to make them search for that inside themselves,by inspiration. he always reminds me of the quote, in thy light we see light….my path is brighter for knowing him. ~L

  81. I’m thankful for my friend Lea. I met her last summer and since then many positive things happen in my life because of her. The thing I appreciate the most is her humor. Being careful, funny, smart, supportive, bookworm, the greatest makeup geek I’ve ever met – she opened new horizons in my life. Whenever I’m in her company I feel noting bad can happen to me (because she would always protect me).

    It’s very nice to have Lea as a friend. 🙂

  82. I am thankful for my Roommate Letty, who no matter what situation she seems to keep her cool and see’s the positive in everything and everyone. She maintains her faith and believe in people including ME!! No matter what crazy ideas I come up with or spontatnious situations I involve her in. Thank you Letty for helping me see the bright side in every day life. 🙂

  83. I am thankful for my mom, whom no matter what am going through, happiness, sadness, stress is always there for me, even from miles away, ready to listen, encourage and make me smile. I don’t think I ever show my mom as much gratitude as she deserves. I love you mom you are my rock<3.

  84. I am thankful for my husband, Brian. He works every moment of every day to be a better person and a better husband. He cheers me when I am low, never hesitates to spend quality time together, surprises me with gifts at the most unexpected times, and has this amazing soft spot for anyone in need of help. He works harder than anyone I know, is unstoppable when he sets his mind to a problem and fearless about trying new things. He is an intensely loyal friend, and I couldn’t ask for a better husband.

  85. I’m so thankful for my Workwife. Not many people get to work with their best friend. I get to see mine four days a week, how cool is that? She’s always there for me no matter what and picks me up off the floor when I’m down. She is beautiful, thoughtful, intelligent and one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. I wouldn’t be who I am today without her. She she family I have chosen 🙂

    1. This is me and the #workwife at a gig. Everything she has said, I feel the same. She makes me :-)) when I’m really :-(( and she gets me throught work.
      She doesn’t realise what a great person she is. One day she will meet a boy who sees all the qualities that I do and appreciate her for who she is.
      We have worked together for 10years, here’s to the next 10 :-))
      Love ya #workwife

  86. I’m grateful for my best friend, Jonathan. He is always supporting me in things that I think I can’t do, he always brings the bright part in every problem, he won’t judge me, and he will always be there when I need him the most. My gratitude towards him is basically centerd in one single thing, he always brings me back to the right place, Jesus Christ’s journey.

  87. I am thankful for my mom. She is a single mother of three, who has worked very hard to give us absolutely everything. A mom that has loved me and my brother unconditionally inspite of the many mistakes we’ve made, inspite of all the arguments we’ve had, and inspite of all the fights my brothers and I have had. I am thankful for her because she has had heart problems, she has had food poisoning , she’s had surgeries, and we just found out she has cancer, and I am thankful she does not give up because she loves us. I am thankful for her because she is the personification of strength, perceiverance, and true love. She is true love because everything she does is for the well-being of us, her children. I will never stop learning from this amazing woman, my mother. I love my mom, and I am thankful for her.

  88. I’m so thankful for my bestfriend Dan Belleza Thank you for always being there. For removing away my pain. For brightening my eyes, your smile makes me feel better, your tap on my shoulder makes me feel safe, you are the reason
    I am getting through the hard times

    You are the one who pushes me when I am depressed, the one who gives me the key of the better life. Without you my place is flooded with my tears and frustrations and you came
    And swept it with your smile.

    I can’t imagine my life without you best friend
    People are jealous of me because of having such a good and true friend like you. You make my face always smiling to the whole world.
    Smiling also when passing in front of a sad day.


  89. I’m thankful for my sister Johanna. She has the ability to look at me and tell me I’m worth more than the value I place on myself. She cheers me on when I accomplish something even as small as a change in diet. She supports me even when I have made a grace mistake and she tells me “not to worry as everything will be okay”. It’s a joy to have a sister and it’s an even bigger one to call her a friend. Thank you Jo, I could make it in this world without you!

  90. Im thankful 2dis guy i met online, aftr my brk up, i ws realy depressed tht i usd 2nt eat,nt bath n jst sleep n i ws lazy, he sumhw managed 2spot me in real world n helped me 2gt back on track wid lyf,indeed its my new lyf…un4tunatly i cnt evn tel him 2read dis n so he wont bt 4my conscious sake m sayin…Thnx Boy!!! M realy thnkful 2u…i dnt knw hw shud i pay u bck. Thnx A Loadsssss…!!!!

  91. I’m thankful for my son, Aaron who is the joy of my life. I’m so proud of him in so many ways. He’s a good a human being as God created and I love him with all my heart.

  92. Let’s just say that I had an interesting child/young adult hood and was never in one place for too long, therefore there were many inspiring moments and individuals along the way, but if I have to choose one person in particular who has had the most profound effect on my life I would have to say that it would be my firstborn son Rodney. Although I have learned from all of my children and love them all very much, Rodney is the first person who has influenced my life more than anyone else for the simple fact that I had to learn to care more about another life than I did for my own, I had to learn to put love into practice and be anything and everything that this little person needed me to be which in turn taught me to be resourceful in ways I may have otherwise not learned. Being his mother gave me purpose, highlighted my weaknesses and gave me the desire and motivation to strive to overcome those shortcomings, and Rodney was a boisterous and a natural leader, he seemed to have a strong suit for setting the stage for the mood of the day, which most of the time was high energy, something a young mother of four rarely had enough of. Being a single mother 90% of his life, although challenging, encouraged me to be strong, creative and think outside of the box about what he would need to learn as a boy growing into a man and and being that I am a woman I had to really go against the grain and try to understand how to be what he needed and would need from me as a father figure, although I am sure I failed miserably in that department, I learned a lot along the way and I believe that I was a more equipped parent for the children that followed Rodney. Having Rodney opened me mentally, emotionally and set the wheels in motion of me discovering me, a kind of developing that as he grows and our relationship grows will continue to cultivate and unfold until I no longer occupy this vessel.

  93. I am beyond thankful for my parents. Not only did they bring me into this world, but they have raised me to be the person I am proud to be today. I know I can come to them with anything and they would have my back.

    My dad, knows just what to say when I have a bad day. He always puts the family before himself. He challenges me and supports me in what I want to do. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have as a father, and I mean that entirely.

    My mom is the very best person I can go to for a completely honest opinion. She is always thinking of others, and I admire and appreciate that entirely. No one will ever beat her cooking in my book. She is an amazing mom.

    I don’t know if I will ever be able to thank them for all the things they do for me, and I mean it when I say I hope I can be half as amazing as they are when it comes to being parents. Most importantly, I don’t think I would have the ability to dream as big and believe in myself as much as I do without my parents in my life. My motivation and drive is something I am proud of. I am thankful to them every single day for that.

  94. I am beyond thankful for my boyfriend of 14 years Lee. Lee and I have had our share of ups and downs. I’ve done a lot of things that should have made Lee run away and never look back but he has stuck by me. He has loved me when I didn’t love myself, made me realize I am worth loving, and held me when I thought I didn’t deserve it. Not only is he a great partner but he’s also a good father to our boys. Because of him I am happy to wake up each day! He’s my light in this sometimes dark cruel world. My reason to smile again. I don’t know where I would be without you Lee. I love you today, tomorrow, and forever. Thank you for being the who you are.

  95. I am thankful for my mom. She is a mother of three and I’m the middle child. She grew up in a family of 7 and was the youngest. She never has given up on me even after my extemely difficult birth coming out butt first. From failing my drivers test after driving with me everyday. From going to alcohol conseuling with me. She has helped me move on from all hard times.

  96. Avery Maloney: I feel like I have given you a million reasons to leave, and you remain by my side today. I love you so much. Thank you for helping me through the toughest year of my life. Thank you for your support. I wouldn’t be where I am now without you, and I am so grateful. You loved me when I didn’t love myself. You saw my worth when I couldn’t see it myself. I love you so much.

  97. I am thankful for my kids. They are strong, healthy and wise. They have so many wonderful traits and the older I get the more amazed by how wonderfully funny they are!

  98. I am thankful for my sister. She does so incredibly much for me without even blinking an eyelash of apprehensiveness. She does not know how lucky I really am to have her. She has guided me elusively and probably unbeknownst to her. I know that no matter the time, place, or task that I need help with she is there. Her love never waivers no matter how rude or selfish I can be. I hope she has forgiven me for the times that I wasn’t as wonderful and compassionate as she has been to me. I hope she knows I never will ruin her birthday again. I hate that there is a stigma on that day for something bad, because the world was blessed with such a joyous person when she was born. She doesn’t get thanks enough from anyone in her life…. So, Sara I say thank you.

  99. I am thankful for my sister..She doesn’t realize that I have looked up to her my whole life.. even though were the same age she has always been a step ahead of me. I have recently moved out of the state so were no longer living 2 min away from each other and its been challenging and often sad. We talk on the phone often but its not the same. We can’t talk to each other over for coffee like we used to. I took that for granted. She has accomplished more than she gives herself credit for and I admire her. My sister and best friend Brandy Elizabeth.

  100. I am so very grateful for my husband. He has been by my side for 17 years. He is my biggest cheerleader. He is the best father to our kids. He is my best friend and life partner. We have had ups and downs, but he has been by my side through it all… He encourages me to be the best version of my self. He is the most unselfish human I know… He has helped me put all my broken pieces back together again… It’s hard to put into words how much I love and appreciate him and how thankful I am to God for sending him to me…

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