Spiritual Surrender – On Demand Course

There are many things in life we can't control… problems that arise unexpectedly, obstacles and delays in “getting what we want”. We will either resist these things and get dragged down by our resistance, or we will accept what is happening, surrender to the moment, and work WITH life to flow into the optimal path and outcome available to us. In this Spiritual Surrender training, you get all the insights, process and practical steps you need in order to do just that. You'll discover that spiritual surrender will give you the greatest level of peace, faith and flow in your life.

A 9-part course (1.75 hours of audio training material). Plus you'll also get 1 x Spiritual Surrender Action Guide PDF, 2 x complementary audio tools – a visualization for surrender and a guided meditation for uncertainty and a Q&A class on the topic of spiritual surrender.

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