Most of us would agree that colors have the power to make us a feel a certain way.

But have you ever looked more closely at what you buy, what you surround yourself with, and why you do that?

Colors have a huge impact upon our consumer patterns. Marketers know the psychology of color well and use colors very specifically to engage you. You can use that knowledge too, and use colors help to lift you up and support you.

Your subconscious association with colors, images, shapes and words has a massive influence on how you live.

Tune into the psychology of color and consciously choose to surround yourself with colors that you know are uplifting.

For example:

  • What colors do you wear?
  • What colors are in your work environment?
  • What colors are in your creative and/or living spaces?
  • What colors are in your bedroom?

Take a look at this awesome infographic about the psychology of colors and their association with emotions, marketing, politics and chakras!

Just like aromatherapy scents can powerfully shift your mood in particular directions, colors have the same capacity to support you.

Psychology of color
Thanks to for this infographic.

Are you drawn to particular colors?

What does this say about you and your current state of mind, your current feelings?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Psychology of color

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