When was the last time you actively sought to push your limits?

There are important reasons for pushing yourself on this life journey, and big benefits when you do!

Every aspect of life itself is here to expand and evolve. Creation is designed this way. You are part of that overall process in this Universe. You cannot escape it!

The life force that beats your heart, that flows through you every day WANTS to grow and experience newness.

You notice this.

It shows up as discomfort and unhappiness with your current situation, pushing you to change and do things differently.

It shows up as curiosity, aspirations, inspiration, possibilities pulling you forward to try new things and create more for yourself.

You are spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally ripe for expansion!

The only thing that stops that NATURAL unfolding is… you!

It's time to get out of your own way.

Tune in to this Daily Inspiration video for reminders, tips and a challenge! It's time to…

Push Your Limits

COMMIT TO YOURSELF – When and how will you push your limits – be it this week, this month or this current year?

Let me know in the comments below!

With love, Bernadette

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6 Responses

  1. Hey B-I have co-created the exact scenario that I wanted. There is a saying we have.”careful what you wish for” Now i am being presented with exactly what I wanted, however, it’s a physically challenging job and I am a little bit older and have been experiencing issues with my feet and back, I had a serious operation on my left foot because I was born with a deformity in both feet.Why on earth did I want to get back into this career (I actually had to take practical and written exams to get my cosmetology license back) when I had a perfectly fine license to do acupuncture (Masters’ Degree!!)??? I met a darling young man who has offered me a job in a very highly regarded salon! And now I’m wondering if it’s a good idea anymore? Pam

    1. Hi Pam, great to hear from you and thanks for sharing your situation. I suggest some meditation to still the thoughts and tune into your intuition. See what you feel after meditating (ie meditate twice a day for approx 20 mins, do that for several days and then check back in with yourself). And – ask yourself why you studied to get your license back, when you already had acupuncture under your belt (note it doesn’t matter that you were already qualified to do one thing, they are totally different types of work, and it’s totally valid to want to get your cosmetology license back). Get back in touch with yourself about why you wanted that… there was a reason you did that and wanted to create this opportunity. Tune back into what was motivating you to go down that path and create this result. Perhaps it is possible to set up this new job in this salon in a way that will work for your health, with the right balance, and at the very least you could give it a go and see how things unfold. Ask yourself also – is it my feet and back that I’m really worried about here, or is that something on the surface I’m focusing on and something else is stopping me from moving forward (anything like fear?). I hope this helps. B

  2. Hi B,
    Viewing your message although from 3 yrs ago, has come at the perfect time in my life. I know there are no perfect moments, but I’m coming out of a depression riddled with divorce and addictions. I’ve been asleep for past 4 yrs, and recently waking up to notice small joys in life. With meditation and the desire to push myself outside my tiny world, it’s creating a sense of accomplishment that’s self inspiring. Thank you for your simple, eloquent daily positives. I have shared your posts with many family and friends.

    1. Hi Ray, lovely to connect and thanks for your message. It is inspiring to hear that you have journeyed out of that very difficult period of time and are finding new light and sense of accomplishment. Beautiful! I send much love and best wishes your way. Thank you also for spreading the positive messages with your loved ones. B 🙂

  3. Hi B…I feel as though I am drowning in fear.being forced to do exactly what my boss says .sit exams when I already have 26 years in the care industry.once I was loved respected by community ..now I am just a number.stress has been high for a year now.taken time out helped but at 61 I feel finished .
    Financially we released equity so my hours can reduce but the stress of the job is killing my spirit.there is no way out from this regime.i have spoken to care inspector and other professional bodies but there is a block.
    Please help me.i feel I am in a cage with chains around.
    Thank you B x

    1. Hi Carolyn
      Is there a way you can move to a new employment situation, by looking for new jobs/opportunities? Or will the same situation apply, having to do exams and not enjoying the structure of the industry/job type itself. If moving jobs is not an option, and you’re going to stay in that place/job with that boss, then it’s all about how to reduce stress levels and find peace/calm/acceptance where you stand, and taking the necessary actions to be your best self despite the situation. I have put resources here, for stress below. I recommend taking a look at these, and most certainly a) daily breathing meditation and b) EFT tapping. Release the intensity of the stress and fight/flight response, will then allow you a little space to decide on practical steps forward.
      Let me know how you get on. I’m a huge advocate of deep diaphragmatic breathing and tapping as tools for reducing the intensity of both stress and fear, so those are definitely great starting points.

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