Do Your Relationships Always Fail? This Could be Why.

Over the past 10 years, as many of the people in my age group began to marry and have children, I noticed a few people who never jumped in.

But these were not the free spirited, purposefully single individuals you may be thinking of. These were people who want someone. They want commitment. They want children. But for some reason, they couldn't get to the deep end of the pool.

As I spend time with those who seem almost stuck here, I often fill my heart with empathy and remedy. But I believe it's deeper then bad timing, poor matching, and ugly habits.

It's fear. It's brokenness. And at the center, it's a terror of vulnerability.

The video below might be one of the greatest attempts of bringing to light this very dark part of our lives.

Sharing your problems often relieves them.

Are you in a serious relationship in shallow waters? Do you pull away from love because of a fear of vulnerability? How have you found healing here?

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This blog post was written by an independent guest contributor.
Author Name: D Patridge.

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56 Responses

  1. I watched this video and it really hit me on how much I was hiding my hurt with a happy exterior. I trusted someone and when I went into a bad time in my life and was reclusive, they nagged me (like on the video) about it when I just wanted to be loved. By trying to force me out of my depressed moods I just got more reclusive and I admit, mean to get them off my back. They threatened to leave me and called me a product of the devil. So I responded by surrendering and putting on a happy face when I was hurt inside. Thank you for this video. It has made me realize that what feelings I was hiding but I don’t think I have the courage to share them because I have tryed before and my words were responded by defensiveness and my words twisted and spit back at me.

  2. This made me cry. My ex dumped me all of a sudden when we lived together. I thought we were happy but all along he had been hiding his doubts and that he wasn’t happy. He was a fantastic actor and it broke my heart. Who knew hiding your own problems could hurt another so badly.

    1. Hi Vicky!

      I recently experienced the same break-up as you have before.

      I would love to hear back from you and to see how far you have come since then!

      Best of Wishes!

      – Anna. (:

  3. I loved this but it was hard to watch. Because I have been pushing away love because of vulnerability. Its time for me to have faith instead of fear. My heart was pounding fast when I watch this and goosebumps. wow. Its time for a change.

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