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5 Ways To Tell He Is The One

In every wrong relationship I’ve ever had, something deep inside of me always knew that it was…off. I instinctively understood that we weren’t going to

4 Ways To Encourage A Single Mom

As the group minister at my church, my job requires several interactions with single moms. Through this, I have learned that being a single mom

How To End A Toxic Friendship

Friendship is something we all treasure. When we are young, we base our worth on the number of friends we have rather than the quality

7 Ways To Get Over A Breakup

As we look for love, breakups are inevitable. Though we aren’t meant to be with everyone we date, it doesn’t make it any easier to

how to stand up for yourself

How to Stand Up for Yourself

Knowing how to stand up for yourself is important. You might face times in your life when someone is treating you badly, or you’re dealing with someone

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