Road Trip Essentials

Road trips are a fun way to travel all year round! They keep the wanderlust alive without requiring us to pay for flights, and they allow us to see the sites along the way.

But in order to fully enjoy our trip and ensure a positive experience, we have to remember the essentials.


We made a list of the most important things you won't want to forget on your next road trip. Be sure to print off the checklist below for additional must-haves:

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1. Cooler

Warm sodas and water just don't cut it when we have the opportunity to keep them cool! Position a small cooler in between the seats so it can be reached by the passenger or the kids in the back so everyone can help themselves.

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2. Snacks

Snacks are important! They prevent us from making unnecessary stops and keep everyone happy! When the kids ask the dreaded, “Are we there yet?” question, we can happily hand them a treat to keep them satisfied for a few minutes more.


3. Water bottle

Remembering to stay hydrated on a road trip is difficult because we don't expend a lot of energy while we drive or ride. However, it's still important to have a water bottle available at all times and to keep ourselves hydrated.


4. Headphones & Camera

Let's face it, getting everyone to agree on what's playing on the radio is nearly impossible. We can ensure we get to listen to our favorites by bringing along a set of headphones and creating a road trip playlist beforehand.

Along the way, there will be beautiful scenery and moments we will want to remember. A camera will be essential to capture these memories!


5. Sunglasses & Travel Wallet

Some parts of the drive may have your position facing the sun, so we must have our sunglasses within reach for those moments. We can store our sunglasses along with brochures, hotel information, maps and other essentials in one easy-to-find location–a travel wallet! Travel wallets are a great alternative to a purse and helps us stay organized.

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6. Wipes & Chapstick 

We can never anticipate what messes can occur during a road trip. Wipes ensure that we can tackle any messy disaster from spills to carsickness.

Chapstick is another item you won't want to forget because it adds moisture after the air conditioner or heat dries out our lips.

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6. Comfortable clothes

After trying to look super cute during a road trip and sitting uncomfortably for hours in tight jeans and heels, I have learned my lesson. Dress comfortably in clothes that are elastic and flexible. Comfort makes a big difference! There are ways to be comfortable and fashionable at the same time (thank goodness!)

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8. Travel blanket

For those short catnaps (when you're not behind the wheel of course), cozy up with a travel blanket. They are light weight and provide comfort in a not so comfortable sleeping environment.

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9. Reading Tablet

It's no longer practical to haul around 2-3 paperback books on a road trip when there are reading tablets available. No judgment if tablets aren't your thing, but if they are, don't forget to bring yours along!


10. Car emergency kits

Being prepared for every situation puts us at ease during a long journey. Emergency kits provide the resources for problems we may not even anticipate.


11. Kids travel kits

The behavior of our kids definitely makes or a breaks a road trip experience. We must think about what activities our kids would enjoy that take their time and attention away from their traveling discomforts. Travel kits are a great place to start!


Do you have any road trips planned? What are your road trip essentials?

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