Are You Sacrificing Your Peace Without Even Realizing It?

What is your peace worth to you?

What are you willing to do in order to retain peace?

How QUICKLY do you give your peace away – sacrificing it for no good reason?

Let's get real about how we TRADE OFF our peace in daily life…

  • You can be right, or you can have peace.
  • You can have the last word, or you can have peace.
  • You can resist life, or you can have peace.
  • You can stress out about things you can't change, or you can have peace.

But in all these scenarios, you have to choose.

Because… you can't have both!

In any given moment, there cannot be peace while there is also the opposite of peace.

We all know that.

But yet, how often we still give away our peace, paying a high price, and falling into reactive behavior instead.

If we let our egos and emotions rule the moment, we'll often end up very “unpeaceful”!

The Practice of Peace

To have consistent inner peace means we need to be consciously aware and make good choices in the heat of the moment.

So if you face a challenging situation, conversation/person, or decision… practice asking yourself this very important question:

“The way in which I'm about to react… will it cost me my peace? And am I willing to pay that price?”

As tempting as it might be to bite back, to react, to be right, to have your say, to point out someone's wrong doing, to judge, to fight against what you don't like in life, to dwell on what you can't change… that temptation will COST YOU YOUR PEACE.

And no matter what happens, go easy on yourself, because…

peace is a practice. It's SOMETHING we GET A WhOLE LIFETIME TO MASTER!

Using Mantras to Support Your Peace

Another way to support your peace in challenging moments is to use a mantra.

Mantras are a great way to zone your mind onto perspectives that work for you.

When you're about to react, first take a deep breath and repeat inside your mind a short, simple and powerful statement.

With every breathe in, say the mantra to yourself. With every breathe out, repeat the mantra again.

Here are a few ideas to get you started…

  • I deserve peace
  • Peace is my priority
  • I am peaceful in any situation
  • I accept this present moment
  • This is happening and I choose peace…
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