The Scary Reality of What Our Culture Does to Boys

It took joining a one year group therapy course for me to unlearn and heal from the brokenness our culture has cast upon me.

It took role play, embarrassment, awkward stories, substantial amounts of crying, and humiliating levels of transparency and honesty to finally reach the surface of healing. To begin restoring a healthy definition of manhood.

In recent years, the study of negative cultural influence has been highly focused on girls, but as sociologist and psychiatrist begin to open the box behind what makes men, “men” they are discovering some troubling truths. It leads me to this compelling quote:

“Do you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?”

The video below articulated this so well. Within seconds you will be pulled in. By 1:15 you will be nodding your head in agreement and by 2:05 you’ll see the masks our boys wear and the power behind them if we don’t fix it.

My personal philosophy has been this: As a follower of Jesus, I’ve always tried to disconnect from who the world told me to be, and reconnect to what He said I am. Not what the church tells me, not what a pastor tells me, but what Scripture shows me. To recognize the generational impact my father’s father’s father and beyond has made upon me. To know that I am worthy, valued, and perfect just the way that I am.

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